Private Coaching

You’ve cried it out many times.

You think you’ve healed it and it comes back to you or comes up again.

You feel stuck in your pain and don’t know how to get out of it. 

You want to shift it but you don’t know.

That’s where I come in. The processes and methods that I teach come after the deep-healing doesn’t do what you wanted it to do.

Why Deep Healing Doesn't Work

The idea behind deep-healing is that if we cry enough eventually it’ll go away and we’ll be alright. The truth is, that doesn’t work. The emotions are easy to call up. Anytime the memory comes up you can make yourself cry. Anytime you see something in your external reality that triggers that memory, you can make yourself cry.

If the goal is to remove the tears, then you’re kind of stuck because even once you’ve made peace with the past like I have, you can still cry. I can still call up the memory and cry. The goal is not to remove the pain or prevent the tears. The goal is to move forward freely without being held back or weighed down by the memory.

What I Do

I show you how to break the patterns, habits, beliefs, and ideas that you picked up because of the trauma that you’ve experienced.

The premise that I work from is that you’ve done enough deep healing and that you are simply holding onto too many patterns, ideas, beliefs, and thoughts to be able to move forward from that trauma without always feeling like you need to do more work.

How do I do that?

I get the brain on board so that we understand where that pattern or behavior came from, why it’s there, and we learn to recognize it in ourselves.

We begin to see ourselves within the experience, understand our triggers, and begin to change our response to the outside world. We’re not looking to fix the outside world. We’re not looking to change circumstances. Those change as a result of responding to your life differently.

As we free ourselves from all these patterns, beliefs, ideas, and behaviors we also work on acceptance. Acceptance means that we’re not arguing with what happened anymore. We simply allow it to be there. The memory just is. We can’t change it, so we have to get okay with it being there. This process is probably as close to deep healing as I get. This is the only point where I look at the actual trauma and begin to move you toward this idea of acceptance.

Once you’ve accepted your past and you’ve removed the patterns, behaviors, ideas, and beliefs you tied to the trauma, the pain essentially goes away. There’s nothing more to do. 

Why do I do it this way?

Because that was my own process. I found myself healing all of these patterns and behaviors and not actually dealing with the trauma. I realized and understood that it was those patterns that were holding me back, not the pain. It made healing much easier because I didn’t have to sit and cry my eyes out all the time. It made healing much less painful too. It was still a lot of work, but the work wasn’t as complex. It was simpler and took a lot less time.

Who Am I?

Laura Bungarz

My journey has been one of powerlessness, depression, and loss. I put my power away to make others happy and in doing so I made myself miserable. I let go of the people and things that meant the most to me because the people around me didn't like them.

I was a people-pleaser and I gave up my power because having my power caused conflict and I wanted to avoid conflict. I wanted everybody around me to be happy and I was willing to give up everything to do that. It cost me my happiness and that cost became too high.

Almost 8 years ago I had my "awakening" experience where I popped like a balloon in an epic meltdown that allowed me to decide it was time to heal myself. It was from there that I started doing the work.

I'm a clairvoyant psychic medium and energy healer. I see outcomes. That means that I know the ending but I don't see the path to get there. What I've leanred to do is become aware of myself within the experience. That means that I've used my experience to successfully heal myself and understand myself. The journey wasn't easy, but it was definitely worth it. I wouldn't trade it for anything.


The Plan

The process is intuitive and guided by where our discussions go. I don’t plan anything. I allow the process to evolve on its own. But just because it’s not planned, doesn’t mean it isn’t consistent. There is a pattern that was created through my own healing process. It’s the same one I use with you.

We start by challenging you to try something that is slightly outside of your comfort zone. We’re not making a major leap here. We’re trying little things, with the goal of gently giving you the opportunity to feel the pain and fear that comes up.

Little things might include canceling plans, posting something different on social media, taking time for yourself, or changing something in your business like raising your prices. These aren’t huge, earth-shattering things. They are minor but they are enough to bring up the fear and that’s the goal.

The idea is that you come back to me and talk about what came up, how you felt, what your thoughts were, and what happened when you did the thing. If you didn’t do the thing then we talk about that too. We use this as a springboard to diving deeper so we can get you unstuck.

Week by week we continue to challenge the fear and the crazy thinking by continually trying new things so that we change habits and patterns, and slowly over time, you begin to free yourself.

To remove fear you have to sit in it and then you have to challenge it by doing a new thing. You don’t get over the fear of jumping in the cold pool until you actually jump in the cold pool. The same is true here. Sitting in the fear while managing it and beginning to understand it is how we move forward.

It’s not about major leaps. One step forward and 2 steps backward is still forward progress and that’s perfect! 

My job is to balance you, show you the story, and help you find a better idea or way forward. My job is to help keep you moving where you weren’t able to do it for yourself before.

You have to commit to this process and decide for yourself that you’re willing to sit in that fear and learn to become aware of yourself within it. If you hide from me or cover up what’s happening, you won’t get very far. You can’t just go through the motions. You have to decide to trust the process and allow yourself the opportunity to actually feel what’s happening and then work through it with me.

That’s why I give you access to me. That’s why we have weekly calls. It’s so you can move and have support while you do it. No more sitting on the side of the pool. It’s time to jump in and learn to swim.

Energy Work

I am an energy healer. What does that mean?

It means I can tune into your energy. I can use it to feel what you’re feeling. I can use it to clear out the energy you hold on to that isn’t yours. I can use it to find the wounds you’re connected to and help free you from them. 

The energy work and my intuition are very much tied together. I can’t use one without the other when I’m working with other people.  The energy tells me when your words and energy are incongruent. It’s not that you’re lying to me, it’s just that you are saying something you aren’t quite lined up with yet. If there is fear back there or you’re trying to hide something, I’ll probably know and I will say so.

Is it cheating? A little bit. I can make you feel very seen this way, but also understand that I’ve been through a lot of things you’re going through myself. I’ve sat in the fear, I’ve made those tough choices, and I’ve dealt with my lack of confidence and power. I get it probably far more than I can put into words.

I don’t judge your experiences because I’ve had my own. I don’t judge myself. Your energy is what it is. I don’t see it as good or bad. It’s just where you are and we are going to work on making it better.

While we’re busy taking action, we’re also working on what’s coming up in the background. I am aware of your energy and I will help you become aware of it too by pointing it out to you.

No, you don’t have to be energy sensitive to work with me. Whether you can feel me doing this work or not, you can still move forward and I can still help you when you’re ready.

The Search for Truth

Life is filled with two levels of activity that we can become aware of. The first is the what is that surrounds us every day.  This is the thing we get taught to buy into. This is the thing we focus on fixing. It’s the thing we struggle with. 

The second layer is the perception we have of what’s happening on the first level. Our perception is colored by our own experiences, ideas, thoughts, opinions, beliefs, and most importantly our pain. Because it’s colored by all those things our perception is wonky.  It’s telling us a story that isn’t true. It’s making us a victim of our reality that we aren’t. It’s causing us to feel powerless when we have all the power we need. It’s causing us to stay stuck because the world doesn’t give us another option. These things aren’t true!

What I do is get out of that perception. I don’t look at the drama because we can’t change what is. I acknowledge the pain and recognize when people are acting from pain. I look for the story you’re telling that comes from your own pain. I see through all the stuff and I find the truth.

The truth is you’re probably in a loop or a pattern of thought and behavior that you’re not able to get out of. I can show you that and we can find a way out of the loop. I can give you a direction and a way forward.

I recognize the pain of others and will encourage you to let others be where they are. Trying to control or fix others won’t get you anywhere. We have to accept people where they are and move forward on our own anyway.

These things aren’t easy to do. There can be a lot of pain associated with them. This is what doing the work looks like. It looks like taking responsibility for ourselves completely and fully independent of others and what they are or are not doing. It’s a complete shift in the way most of us are taught to live our lives. But it works.

It works because it frees you to step into your power and move forward on your own. It makes others take responsibility for themselves. It forces you to stop paying attention to your circumstances and just focus on yourself. 

The truth is the power is in you. Everything you need is in you. When you learn how to stop focusing out there, you’ll find that truth for yourself.

I’ll be here to help you every step of the way. 

The Details

  • One Private Call Per Week

    Get a 60-minute call with me every week to work through what came up the week before and talk about how to continue moving forward. This is always intuitively guided and never pre-planned.

  • Full Support from Me

    Have regular access to me through Voxer. If you're struggling I will be there to help you when things come up!

  • Access to Other Courses

    You'll get free access to all my other courses!

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