Allowing Change More Easily


This program contains a short booklet and a link to a private YouTube video to help you work through any change that may be happening in your experience this year. The goal is to do the mental work to moving forward easier. We want to prevent the self-sabotage that comes from the thoughts and beliefs we have about ourselves and how the world works.


2021 is the year of change. Many of us began creating these changes last year and possibly before that. Those changes are now becoming reality for us, but that requires change and change is hard.

I’ve created a short program to help with allowing change because I feel like there are people around that need this. They will sabotage or prevent the changes entirely, keeping themselves stuck. That’s not what we want to do! I want to help you move forward without getting so stuck that you stop completely!

The goal of this program is to help with the thoughts and beliefs that come up. We’re not doing major internal healing here. We’re not going back to that thing that happened when we were kids. We are staying mostly at the mental level. Many of my programs focus on the mental gymnastics and maneuvering that come with healing and this program is no different. Getting out of our way in our heads allows us to move forward with the rest. The emotions, while completely valid, are created by the mind. By dealing with the thoughts, the emotions get taken care of too.

There is a booklet with this, but it’s not a workbook with the lists of questions that I usually provide. I wanted you to be able to fit this into your own scenarios and circumstances so that it would allow you to figure out exactly where you are and what’s stopping you.

The video that goes with this is on YouTube and the link is in the booklet on the last page. There is energy healing included in the video at the end. The video will remain accessible indefinitely on YouTube.


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