Monthly Energetic Self Care Package

$67.00 30 minutes

Energy Healing Self-Care means regular energy clearings and a monthly one-to-one session with me!

You’ll get:

  • One longer 30, 60, or 90-minute Healing Session.
  • Three energy clearing sessions for the 3-weeks following.

Purchase monthly to keep feeling your best!



What I’ve learned from the people that see me regularly is this:

  1. It’s easier on them when I clear their energy regularly. They feel better longer, the clearings take less time, and they aren’t as hard on them (sometimes clearings can make people sick for a bit afterward).
  2. Regular monthly sessions to chat provide better clarity and guidance. Those sessions include energy healing too, of course. But now, instead of focusing on just cleaning up, we’re looking for root causes and actually working through things.
  3. Doing both consistently provides the best opportunity for you to feel good more of the time and still manage to heal the stuff you’re holding on to.
  4. Getting to know each other is a good thing! Being comfortable with each other makes the sessions more enjoyable for both of us!

So, I’ve created something that is designed to be a monthly package that includes just those things. You’ll get:

  • One 30, 60, or 90-minute session per month.
  • Three energy clearing sessions for 3 weeks following the longer appointment.

This is not a subscription product and you will not be billed monthly. You will have to purchase this monthly on your own to keep it going.

When you checkout you’ll be booking the longer Healing Session for the month using the calendar. You can select the 60-minute or 90-minute session in the dropdown, otherwise, leave it blank to select the 30-minute session. The energy clearing sessions we can work out separately week to week.

Healing sessions are done via Zoom. I generally send the links via Messenger about an hour before the sessions. It serves as a reminder too!

Energy clearing sessions I do via Messenger. I don’t need to see you to clear your energy. You can be in your PJ’s, laying down in bed, and I can clear you. It’s easy and it’s relaxing.

Sessions can be canceled up to 48-hours prior to the appointment. If something comes up because we all know life happens, just reach out. I’m generally pretty flexible with the people I see regularly.




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