Samhain Tarot Messages

Happy Halloween or Blessed Samhain. I hope all of you are enjoying the holiday time, however you choose to honor it. I decided it might be fun to get some quick tarot messages for the upcoming holiday. Everybody seems to be in a state of flux and I thought it might be helpful to see what’s coming as a result of this holiday.

The decks used in this reading are: The Halloween Tarot by Kipling West, The Energy Oracle Deck by Sandra Anne Taylor, The Moonology Oracle Deck by Yasmin Boland, The Butterfly Oracle Deck for Life Changes by Doreen Virtue, and the Healing Light Lenormand Deck by Christopher Butler.

Thank you to my daughter, Alicia, for making the cool Halloween shapes used for each pile!

Go ahead and pick your pile below and scroll down for your messages!

Pile 1

The cards in this pile are the Letter, the Page of Bats (Swords), 8 of Imps (Wands), King of Imps (Wands), the Tower, Rest and Rejuvenation, The end of a tough cycle approaches, and End of an Era.

Change, all things change. You have two cards here Pile 1 showing change directly with The end of a tough cycle approaches and End of an Era. But the question is not about whether or not things are changing. It’s about what is changing or how is it changing? The Letter is an obvious clue that some information or communication is coming in that is going to change things for you. Let’s use the tarot to figure out more.

The Page of Swords or Bats is about communication, it’s one of the meanings of that card. It can also be about being curious or witty, maybe a little charming. So, potentially somebody is going to come in or maybe you are going to somebody else, and you or they are going to be very charming, funny, or witty.You’re going to use those dashing good looks and witty personality to charm the pants off of somebody. Go for it!

The 8 of Imps or Wands once again confirms communication. It could mean that there will be a lot of conversation very quickly. Maybe you’re catching up with somebody that you haven’t talked to in a long time so you’ll have a lot to say in those first few conversations.

The King of Imps or Wands gives us a clue as to what you might be talking about. The King of Wands is about the vision, the big overarching goal. Where do you want this new connection to go? What’s the plan for this relationship. Maybe one of the things that you’re talking about in these first few conversations is the plan for this connection. Are you just friends? Are you wanting a romantic relationship? Is this a working relationship? Are you wanting to get married? What is the big goal or future? Those aren’t bad conversations to have. It can be really good to establish a purpose for a given conneciton.

So then we have the Tower. The Tower can have a couple of meanings. Unlike the Tower in the tarot, this is not sudden, unexpected change. This could be, especially when combined with the Letter, powerful conversations. This could be somebody coming out of a period of isolation or Hermit mode and deciding to initiate contact with you. It can also be difficult conversations or conversations that lack emotion, where people are hiding how they feel. One way or the other, this conversation will lead to change. It is leading to the end of a cycle, whether it’s just a cycle within this relationship, or whether it’s an overall life cycle for one or both of you, there is a cycle ending and change is coming.

The final card is Rest and Rejuvenation. I think you’ve been in that period for a while. I think this cycle that’s ending will allow you to rejuvenate yourself. It could also be that you need to remember to take some time out for yourself in this big rush of activity. But either way, rest is important or has been important to you. I feel like you’re ready for this next step.

I hope that was helpful Pile 1. Let me know what happens!

Love to all.

Pile 2

The cards in this pile are: the Bear, Queen of Bats (Swords), 8 of Pumpkins (Pentacles), 5 of Imps (Wands), the Man, First Chakra Archangel Michael (Root Chakra), Take time to breathe out, and Sobriety.

Piles 2 and 3 contain the “people cards”. The Man is here in Pile 2 and the Woman is in Pile 3. Pile 1 was the overall relationship and connection or reconnection within the relationship. Now we have the individual perspectives and/or roles within the relationship.

Just a reminder not to take the gender cards literally. Don’t try to make these piles fit. Apply them as it makes sense for you to do so, regardless of the gender of the individual.

The Bear is about power, protectiveness, defending ourselves, or overwhelm. So, I do believe somebody is overwhelmed here. This is a lot for this person to take in. Whatever the communication is about has a kick to it.

The Queen of Bats or Swords is a card of perspective and honesty. Sometimes she’s a grumpy, bitch, but in this case I feel like she’s just being honest about where she’s been and what she’s been up to and how she’s changed. It’s likely that whoever the other person is here, wasn’t expecting all that and it’s a little overwhelming.

The 8 of Pumpkins or Pentacles is a card of work and commitment. So The Queen of Swords is being honest about her commitment to this relationship, whatever that looks like. She’s telling the truth about what she wants. Maybe she’s telling this other person her vision for the relationship. Maybe this other person is realizing their goals are shared.

The 5 of Imps or Wands is the goal of the relationship, which is to end a conflict between them. Something came between them and they stopped talking for a while and now they are reconnecting with an intention to end that conflict. Both are realizing that the other one wants the same thing. It’s overwhelming and it’s a powerful conversation for whoever is represented by the Man card.

The First Chakra is the Root Chakra. It’s all about security and stability. This is your home, your job, and your bank acocunt. It is your survival in this human world. This chakra was blocked, probably for both of these people. Because the chakra was blocked, they ended up not being very stable, not being completely on their own. They both had to learn what they wanted life to look like on a very grassroots kind of a level. Who do I want in my home? What relationships do i want to have in my life? Who is important to me? What do I want my career to be? Where do I want the money I earn to come from? Where do I want to live? Those are all root chakra type questions. I feel like the people involved in this story we’ve been telling have been answering those questions for themselves.

We have another card about chilling and taking time out to breathe. Don’t get too overwhelmed here. You don’t have to do it all in 5-minutes. It’s okay to take your time. It’s okay to take time to process what’s going on. It’s okay to slow down. It’s going to be fine.

The final card is Sobriety. While this card can absolutely be about literal sobriety from drugs or alcohol, I think this time it’s about hearing some truth bombs from the other person and becoming aware that the story they had made up in the minds wasn’t true. The truth though, is overwhelming and it’s a lot to take in. But when we do finally take it in, it allows us a level of clarity that we weren’t expecting to find.

I hope that helps, Pile 2, Let’s what the other person is up to in Pile 3.

Love to all.

Pile 3

The cards in this pile are the Cross, 6 of Pumpkins (Pentacles), 10 of Imps (Wands), 4 of Bats (Swords), The Woman, Financial Constraints, Confidence is your key to success, and Health Care Change.

This pile is about the other person that could be a female as indicated by the Woman card, but it defintiely doesn’t have to be. Use the pile however it fits your scenario.

The Cross is a card of commitment, fate, religion, pain, and burden. This person is committed to this journey. They are focused on what needs to happen and they are gearing up to do the work to make that happen.

We have the 6 of Pumpkins or Pentacles and that’s about a give and take. It can be about being paid for your work. it can be about offering somebody something they need. Maybe this person is able to provide some balance to the overwhelmed being in Pile 2. Maybe this person is the one with the clarity.

The 10 of Imps is a card of burden and responsibility. We can take responsibility for things, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. It doesn’t have to weigh us down or hold us back. Being able to take responsibility for the imbalance (6 of Pentacles) in the relationship, might be something that is unexpected by the other party.

The 4 of Swords is a do nothing card. It could be relaxation. We’ve had cards in the other 2 piles about chilling out and taking a break. So this card could very well be offering the same message. It could also be that this person is taking responsibility for what they didn’t do, what they didn’t offer, what they didn’t say. That can create powerful change in a relationship very qucikly and could be overwhelming to somebody that wasn’t expecting to hear it.

The person in this reading has been under some financial pressure. But I feel like part of this whole story we’ve been telling is the ending of some of these cycles. It is likely and quite possible that financial difficulties will also end as a result of this connection.

The key for this person is to be confident in their power to do the work that is needed in this relationship. If confidence has been a problem for this person, that too is changing. This person is going to gain their confidence through this process.

Health Care Change from the Butterfly Oracle is about how we take care of ourselves. It’s about the life we live and how we support ourselves emotionally and mentally in that life. This is a life style change that is happening for this person. It’s a good change. It’s not a bad thing. This life style change will allow this to person to find their confidence and to be happy within their life. That’s important, for everybody to find for themselves.

Trust yourself Pile 3. You’ve got this. it’s going to be amazing!

Love to all.


It seems like we have a little bit of a love story playing out in this reading. It’s about 2 people reconnecitng after a period of conflict in their relationship. Both are wanting to work out the relationship and find a way forward with each other.

Each have their own thing going on. One is learning some things that are surprising, overwhelming, and potentially life-changing. The other is learning how to be confident within themselves, and allowing the relationship to change their life ina very positive way.

Regardless of which pile you chose, I hope it was helpful to you.

Have a blessed Samhain and a wonderful Halloween.

Love to all.


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