Scary Leaps into the Unknown

Scary leaps. It seems many of us are in that position right now. It forces us into a place of needing to trust ourselves. The mind makes up stories about not knowing what’s going to happen. It brings up memories of failure and things that didn’t work out quite right. It reminds us of that time that person told us we couldn’t do it or weren’t good enough.

Those memories make us feel fear. The fear is created from the mind. It’s not real in the sense that at the moment, while you’re sitting on your couch at home thinking about things, there is nothing happening to be afraid of. The emotion the mind conjured up is designed to keep you safe. Don’t go into the unknown because you don’t know what’s there.

Now imagine your life right now if you had never tried anything new. You never would have learned to crawl, walk, or talk. You never would have gone to school and learned to read or add or write. You never would have taken your first job, been in your first relationship, or done any of the things you do now on a daily basis. You’ve continually learned new things your entire life. Some of them you were good at and some didn’t go so well. All were learning experiences.

Today you sit and you wonder whether to move forward because the mind has shown you all the reasons not to. The mind didn’t stop you from learning to walk or talk. You powered through when you went to your job the first time. You’ve powered through a lot in your life. Think about those moments for a bit so the fear goes away. Now, what do you feel?

Under the fear is excitement and anticipation of a new adventure. Maybe that adventure works and maybe it doesn’t. Regardless, you’ll learn what you need to. You’ll have the experience you’re supposed to have. You’ll gain strength and wisdom so that the next time you need to do something new it’s not so scary.

This is how we build confidence and courage. We can’t do either sitting on our couch at home. We can’t will them into being. They come through doing and experiencing life. They come through learning that even if we fall flat on our face, we’re still okay. We’re still supported by the Universe. We still have what we need. We’re still taken care of. They come through trusting ourselves to handle what happens. How do we learn to trust ourselves? By doing and experiencing. Exactly the same way we gain confidence and courage.

You have the power. You’ve done a lot in your life that was new and scary. You made it. You survived. It doesn’t matter what the outcome of those adventures was. It only matters that you learned from them and you made it through. It only matters that you’re still here, still moving forward, still doing your thing. You’re better for it.

Take the leap. Allow the growth. Allow the change. Whatever the result might be, just know that you did the best you could because you always do. You always have. You always will.

Love to all.


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