Spiritual Truth Vs. Human Reality

There are a number of spiritual truths that we learn over time on this path. They are mostly idealistic ways of being because the human simply isn’t capable of living fully within them while remaining engaged in society. No matter how good they get in one way or another, there will always be something to work on.

Spiritual leaders that decide to fully embody all of these spiritual truths, typically end up living away from society, with a very small and select group of people around them that do all of the day-to-day tasks for them. They avoid technology, the news, shopping, and most other day-to-day activities the rest of us engage in so that they can maintain balance and peace at every moment.

For most of us living in a cave far away from civilization may sound good, but it’s not a way of life most of us will ever take on. Some may even see this as cheating in a sense because a truly enlightened being would be able to handle the day-to-day activities of what we consider “normal life” and still maintain their peace and balance. If we need to abandon life to be and remain enlightened full-time, what’s the point?

Others may see the people that abandon day-to-day life to maintain their peace as simply doing their thing and taking care of themselves. There is nothing selfish about what they are doing. They are simply acknowledging their own need to remain in balance and at peace and have found a way to do that which works for them. Nothing wrong with that right?

But what about the rest of us that aren’t likely to go live in caves? Is it possible to live within these spiritual ideals full-time and still engage with society on a regular basis?

The short answer is no. The spiritual leaders that do remain within society to spread their teachings cannot maintain the same level of peace the folks living in caves do. To achieve what balance they do have they often meditate multiple hours a day. They enjoy rather hefty doses of silence daily. Many go on meditation retreats or take short-term vows of silence and withdraw from life on a regular basis. Again, these folks have plenty of help so they can do this. Some also avoid technology, hiring people to take care of their social media and Internet presence, choosing to do their work with a pen and paper instead. Wayne Dyer was famous for this, writing all of his books on yellow pads of paper. Eckhart Tolle also refrains from technology and writes his work by hand too.

From a personal perspective, I will always share the spiritual truth and then try to find what is reasonable for the human moving around in an active, busy life. The balance comes in not trying to be perfect, acknowledging the limitations (real or perceived) and working with them to achieve something that makes sense to us as individuals.

We can help ourselves by letting go of the baggage we hold on to, forgiving ourselves and those around us, and spending at least a few minutes every day by ourselves. The more we can acknowledge our own desires and do what we want to do, the happier we’ll be. Letting others stop us is a recipe for disaster at some point down the road.

I try to ground these spiritual truths in reality. I will always encourage healing and releasing because that’s the simplest, though not the easiest, path to being happy and balanced more often, even while living a busy life. Healing allows us to figure out what we want at our core and move towards it. Healing doesn’t mean we never get mad. It doesn’t mean we don’t have a bad day, say the wrong thing, or just tell somebody to f**k off. It also doesn’t mean that bad things don’t happen. What it does mean is that we can be okay more of the time and enjoy our lives more fully.

The goal of what I share every day is for everybody to live the life they want, to have their dreams come true, and to be okay more of the time. It’s not about perfection. Heck, I’m not perfect either. I don’t have it all figured out and I’m still finding my own balance. I share some of that story with you through this platform and others. This is the journey all of us have to take. We’re going to screw up. We’re going to fail. It’s not going to work out the way we want it to every single time, but it will work out. We can and will be okay. It’s just a matter of continually moving forward.

Don’t strive for perfection, that will set set you up to fail. Strive only for your goals, allow yourself to make mistakes and fall of the wagon, let the Universe help you, and trust that it’ll all work out in the end. That’s it.

Spiritual truths and ideals keep us all on a path of learning and that’s okay. Even while I teach I learn and continue to learn every day of my life. That’s how it should be. That is the point of this life, of being human, to continue to grow, learn, and heal daily.

Love to all.


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