Spiritual Truths That Trigger

Some spiritual truths are hard to hear, especially if we’re not ready for them yet.

The concept of owning our lives is a difficult one for many people. It gets compared to blaming the victim. That’s not what it means, by the way. That feeling of being blamed for what happened comes from still identifying with the pain of the experience. We are not the pain we feel. We are not the experiences we have either. We may have had the experience and felt some pain about the experience, but they aren’t part of us.

The truth behind this concept of owning our lives is that we are both human and spirit. The spirit self chose certain experiences, chose our parents, and chose our lifepath before it jumped into what we identify as our human bodies. That means we had control, even though we weren’t physically present as human beings when those choices were made. I came here to do this. That’s what was decided. Okay then, I’m going to learn what I need to learn. There’s a reason for this experience and I’m going to figure out what that is. I’m going to find the truth of that experience, not be a victim of it.

The point of the human experience is not for us to be in pain all the time. The point of the human experience is for us to understand the truth behind what the human experiences. The point is to find the spiritual truth and use that as a basis for healing. The blame, guilt, and victimization we experience are human only and they aren’t part of the spiritual truth behind the experience.

Another one that came up recently is this concept of not wanting children to go through certain experiences. Often our childhoods are filled with degrees of pain and trauma because we choose parents that will project their pain and trauma and provide us with experiences that allow us to feel the same way they do.

What we get is this idea that as a child I shouldn’t have had to go through that stuff. It made me stronger but I’m still arguing with it by deciding that it shouldn’t have happened that way. I needed to feel safe and protected as a child, not traumatized. I didn’t get what I needed.

We choose that path, even as small children. Those experiences gave us the power we have now. Those experiences helped teach us who we are and who we aren’t. If we’re still carrying around, and many of us are, the souvenir of pain and trauma from our childhood experiences, it just means we haven’t yet learned to be grateful for the experiences. We’re still identifying with the pain. We haven’t yet identified all the good things those experiences gave us because we’re still focused on the pain we’re carrying around.

We also have this idea that children should be spared from certain experiences. I get it. I understand where that comes from. Children don’t have the capacity to process a lot of the things that happen to them and so they shouldn’t have to go through things they can’t understand. Right or wrong, that’s not how life works. From the moment that little human is born, they have their own life path and they will have their own experiences. Our job as parents is to allow them to experience their lives. We’re not here to protect them from their paths, as much as we might want to. Yes, we can keep them from playing in traffic while at the same time allowing them to deal with the bullying at school. We protect them from one and allow them to experience the other. Our job is to understand which is which.

Trying to protect them from their path just sets up a detour anyway. They come back to it when there is no interference. We don’t know what we’re attempting to protect our children from. What lesson are they meant to learn? Why are they meant to have that experience? What could that teach them? What karma are they balancing? Is that experience fated in some way?

The reality is, there is spiritual truth behind everything that happens. So the answer to those questions is not that they will feel pain and be traumatized for the rest of their lives. The answer is they have been given an opportunity to learn about themselves. They have been given an opportunity to learn about pain and how to heal from it. They have been given the opportunity to see their lives differently, without pain and trauma. They have been given an opportunity to awaken spiritually if they aren’t already there.

Without pain, I wouldn’t be here. Without pain, I’m not writing this blog. Without pain, I’m still “asleep”. Without pain, my life is still being lived for other people. There are a lot of things that have happened in the last few years that wouldn’t be true if I hadn’t experienced pain when I did. That understanding is what allows me to be grateful for it instead of mad at it. I no longer argue with my experience because it teaches me so much and it has allowed me to grow in ways that I wouldn’t have done otherwise.

Spiritual truth is the basis for all of it.

Regardless of whether or not you agree with anything I wrote above, I share these messages in the hopes that one day you will be ready to hear them, you will understand them, and you will see the magic behind them. Not sharing them, not planting the seed, does a disservice to everybody that does need and is ready for those messages.

The reason so many people get up in their stuff about all this is that the ego defends itself. It identifies with the pain and so it defends the pain. The ego and the mind make up the story that defends the trauma and pain that gets experienced. We want to defend our perception of the human experience. We want to defend our feelings. To be very, very clear, it’s not the feelings that are the problem. The feelings are totally okay. They are a human response to some experience. The truth is, it’s not the feelings about the experience that are the problem, it’s what we do with them or don’t do with them that is the problem.

Healing and releasing emotion comes through understanding and processing the experience in a way that allows us to stop being a victim of it. We’re not spinning a new story, we’re looking for spiritual truth. What is this here to teach me? We’re not asking the ego what it thinks. We’re asking our spirit selves what to do with the experiences that we have. 99% of the time, the spirit self simply says let it go. It just is. Allow it to be there. Don’t argue with it. You’re okay. That’s the truth of everything that happens.

Our job is to watch what the human does with the experience and then to help the human self navigate it in a more helpful way. That is what I call awareness. Pay attention to what the human does and then redirect the human the same way you would a 3-year-old about to stick a fork in an electrical outlet. Find a new way to channel and manage the emotion that comes from an experience. Give the toddler something else to stick the fork in. What we want to do is understand and process the experience without the story of self-defense the mind is making up.

When we stop looking to the ego and the mind for answers and start asking the spirit self for answers or God for answers, that’s when we get on the path to spiritual truth. That’s when these concepts become far less triggering. That’s when life starts to make sense. That’s when my life started to make sense. That’s when I started attempting to explain that understanding to those that were looking for answers too.

Love to all.


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