Stop Collecting Rocks Tarot Spread

Stop Collecting Rocks Tarot Spread

I frequently use the analogy of a rock collection when talking about how we tend to hold on to things that hurt us or that aren’t even ours to start with.

I created a spread today that I thought would help you sort out the rock piles that you have collected over the course of your life. There are 10 cards in the spread, the first 4 of which identify the major piles that are currently affecting you. The remainder of the cards go on to explain what to do with the piles, where to start and what the outcome will be of the work that you do with these rocks.

The spread itself is free. If you have cards at home and you’re familiar with tarot, by all means, try the spread and let me know how it goes in the comments below. I have three more options for people that may want some additional support.

I have created a 10 page PDF booklet that includes a sample spread and additional explanations of each of the cards in the spread. It also gives you a place to record the cards you’ve pulled and write some notes. If you have your own tarot deck and would like the additional help of the booklet, it’s available for $1.97 CAD via download only. Use the button below to get yours now!

If you don’t have a tarot deck and would like me to do the spread for you, I’m absolutely happy to help. I can do the spread and send it to you via email with pictures of the cards and my interpretations of the cards plus any intuitive guidance I receive for you. I will also include a copy of the PDF I mentioned above. You can record the cards and any of your own guidance within the booklet. The cost of the email spread and PDF is $19.97 CAD. My turn around time for email spreads is typically within 48 hours, subject to change depending on demand. Readings are done on a first come first served basis.

If you’re interested in a live tarot session for this spread, I can make that happen as well. Please just order the 60 Minute Intuitive Reading and let me know when you order that you want to use the Stop Collecting Rocks tarot spread during this session. After the session I will email you a copy of the PDF along with pictures of the cards that were pulled during our session.

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