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How Do You Know When Your Perspective is Off?

No. There's nothing wrong with being human. The point is never perfection. We don't all need to be Zen masters. We are here to have these human experiences and feel these human things. They are completely okay. The goal is to acknowledge the crazy after the fact, and then try…

Are We Really Ever Ready?

There is this idea in life that we need to feel ready to do certain things like writing a test, having a conversation, or trying something new. Eventually we get to this place where we understand that we never really are ready. What happens instead is that we learn to…

The Boundary Balancing Act

We get told often we're supposed to have boundaries. Sometimes, depending on our life experience, we start off with very poor boundaries and move to very solid, unbreakable boundaries. Frequently this happens because of pain and trauma. The weaker boundaries let in people that probably shouldn't have been let in.…

You Are Not a Victim

Self-victimization is a form of ego protection. It's the ego and the voice in our heads, making us victims of the people and things around us in order to keep us safe. If we never get into a relationship again we don't have to worry about getting hurt. If we…

Love Changes Everything

If you've never had a love relationship flip your entire world, your perspective, your thoughts and beliefs on their heads, while it can be painful, I hope you experience it because it is one of the most profound experiences of my life.

Seeing Trauma That Isn’t There

This happens all the time in life. We look at a situation and it reminds us of some trauma that we’ve experienced in our own life. Because of that tiny little reminder, we immediately assume certain things about the situation that may not be true. At it’s most basic level,…