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Seeing Trauma That Isn’t There

This happens all the time in life. We look at a situation and it reminds us of some trauma that we’ve experienced in our own life. Because of that tiny little reminder, we immediately assume certain things about the situation that may not be true. At it’s most basic level,…

What Relationships Taught Me

I wouldn't do what I've done for just anybody. Not everybody gets to go on this journey and that's okay. There is no martyrdom here. I didn't sacrifice myself. I did what I needed to do. I took care of me while working to right a relationship that had become…

Expectations as Self-Victimization

Having no expectations doesn't mean we put up with everything other people do. It doesn't mean we're doormats. That's now how this works. Putting up with everything other people do is self-victimization. Having no expectations is empowering. Let me explain.

Feeling Different

Life teaches us about our own power. It teaches us about our own ability to overcome the different things that happen in our lives. It teaches us about relationships, both healthy and really toxic. It teaches us about who we are and why we're here. No, we're not here to…

What Happens When We Plateau?

Sometimes on the spiritual path we talk about the idea of plateauing. We reach a level or a place on our path and we seem to stay there for a while. It's not a bad thing, we just hang out. Sometimes it makes us wonder what's going on and sometimes…

What are Trust Issues?

Expectations are judgements we have about other people to do or not do something based on what we believe about them in that moment. Expectations frequently get broken in the human experience because people are not perfect beings. They simply can't, nor should they be expected to, live up to…