• 2020,  December

    Denying the Truth

    Nope, I'm not talking politics. I'm talking about goals, dreams, purpose, wants, needs and desires. I'm talking about all those things that we get told we don't deserve, shouldn't have, can't have, are too expensive to have, or are just plain crazy. We all have them and we deny ourselves the right to have them, often based on that feedback from the outside world.

  • 2020,  Beliefs,  November,  Spirituality

    Beliefs That Keep Us Stuck

    We all have them, crazy ideas that keep us where we are. We believe we aren't good enough, that we shouldn't or can't, we believe that other people won't like it so we don't do it, we believe that we don't have the money, time or other resources we need to do the thing, we believe it's hard or too complicated or will take too long or we just believe we can't for no good reason at all.