• 2020,  December,  Truth

    The Business of “Should”

    "Should" is a word that spent a lot of time in my business, but it had no place being there. The word implies a level of obligation in business. Take a mailing list for example, its a very common "should". We should all have a mailing list because that's just what people in business do. We should all have a website because every business needs one. We should all write a blog. We should all have this and we should all have that. The business should be formatted this way or that way. It's like somebody created a business cookie cutter and everybody is supposed to follow the models they made.

  • 2020,  November

    Welcome Once Again!

    I've had a number of blogs over the years and most of them were very inconsistent and were dropped for various reasons, usually insecurity. I dropped the blog all together after I switched back to WordPress a few months back. I focused only on the things that I was actually comfortable with doing and dropped anything that required me to be consistent, with social media being the exception.