Tarot Messages: What Cycle Do You Need to Break?

I’m offering a mastermind on breaking cycles in The Empowered Self Academy, so I thought it might be fun to ask the tarot the question; What cycle are you needing to break? Of course, with the tarot, we’ll also get some advice on what we’re not doing and what we need to do instead.

Breaking cycles is hard. It requires a lot of grounding and effort to let things fall that we used to fix. It requires a lot more work to let things drop than it does to keep them in the air. That’s one of the reasons why people hold on to things because letting them go generates fear.

The decks I used in this reading are; The Wheel of the Year Tarot by Maria Caratti, The Gilded Reverie Expanded Edition Lenormand by Ciro Marchetti, The Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Deck by Colette Baron-Reid, The Energy Oracle by Sandra Anne Taylor, The Moonology Oracle Deck by Yasmin Boland, the Butterfly Oracle Deck for Life Changes by Doreen Virtue, and The Abundance Angels Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue.

Pick a card below and let’s see what the messages are! Let me know how it resonates for you in the comments!

Pile 1

The cards in this pile are Conscious Consumer, the Dice, 2 of Wands, 9 of Swords 3 of Pentacles, the Maze, The Diamond Dreamer, Walking Away, Work Through Your Fears, and Welcome the New. The message from the bag is Get over your fears.

The Conscious Consumer card on a literal level is about what you buy, what you eat, what you take in. That’s exactly what we’re talking about here. What are you surrounding yourself with? What are you allowing yourself to take on and take in? We’re not talking about the material world, we’re talking about relationships with other people. What energy are you absorbing from others and how is that affecting you? There is a habit you have in relationships that needs to stop. Let’s see if we can get more clarity from other cards.

If I were to read the tarot as a sentence it would say; take the steps (2 of Wands) to release the fear and worry (9 of Swords) in your relationships (3 of Pentacles). There is an imbalance that seems to happen in your relationships. What are you worried about? What other people are thinking? How other people are going to feel? What happens if you release the relationship?

So many of us stay in relationships well past their expiry dates because we worry more about the other person than we do about ourselves. What if we allow ourselves the opportunity to be okay too? What does that look like? What do you need to heal to make that a reality for yourself?

The Lenormand cards are the Dice and the Maze. The Dice are about taking a chance, like rolling the dice in a game. The Maze is about finding our way through the process, not being completely sure of where we’re going, but we know the goal is to get out of the maze. Is the goal to get out of a specific relationship or make changes in a relationship? You have to take the chance to make the change. If you don’t, you stay stuck in the maze forever. That doesn’t seem like fun.

The Diamond Dreamer is about prosperity and wealth. It is about the material world. What do you want your world to look like? Who is in it? Where do you live? What do you have around you? You know what the goal is. You know what you want, but you’re not taking the chance. That keeps you stuck in the loop, the pattern of not having what you want. You can have what you want but you have to let go of what you have first. Are you willing to do that?

Here we are with Walking Away. You have to let go of what you have to make room for what you want. That requires you to get over your fear (the bag) and work through your fears (Moonology Oracle). It’s the same message with both things. You have to get over the fear of letting things go. We can’t take it with us when we transition right? So, let it go. When you do, you’ll be able to welcome the new from the Butterfly Oracle. Good things come when we allow them.

If this is your cycle and you need some help, sign up to The Empowered Self Academy so you’ll be registered for the Breaking Cycles Mastermind.

I hope the message was helpful.

Love to all.

Pile 2

The cards in this pile are; Face your financial fears, the Snake, 8 of Pentacles, Star, 5 of Pentacles, the Stork, The Dream Walker, Deceit, A new romantic cycle begins, and Parental Care. The message from the bag is Do It!

Pile 2, we’re still facing our fears, whether they are financial like the card at the top suggests, or whether they are emotional, mental, career, or relationship-oriented. It doesn’t matter. We need to face the thing we’re afraid of so we can, as the bag suggests, do it.

If I were to put the tarot into a sentence it would say; Work towards (8 of Pentacles) your dreams (The Star) of recovering what you lost (5 of Pentacles). You let something go in the past with the 5 of Pentacles and you want it back. You have the ability to recover it, but you’re not doing it. You’re afraid of the outcome.

The Snake is about what we want or desire and the Stork is about change. You want change, you want to transform, but you’re not willing to actually do it. You’re afraid of it for some reason. What are you afraid of Pile 2?

The Dream Walker is very much like the Star from the tarot deck. It’s about your dreams, the collective good, and the illusions that life shows us. Life is showing you that you’re without something, but the truth is the thing you want is right there, you just need to reach for it. That’s the lie, the Deceit in this case. The lie is that you can’t have what you want or that you don’t have it currently. You do have it and you can have it. Just reach for it. Do what needs doing.

The Moonology oracle is suggesting that this might be recovering a romantic relationship from the past, getting back with an ex. That’s fine if that’s what it is for you. I don’t think that will be for everybody. But there is something you want, something you’re in love with even if it’s not a human, and you’re afraid to go get it. Do it!

The final card is Parental Care. I see this as a self-care type card. Maybe you have children and you need to take time out for yourself. Maybe you need to parent yourself somewhat. Sit yourself down and give yourself a good talking to so that you can move forward. You can do this Pile 2.

If you are stuck in the loop of not allowing yourself to go after the things you want because you think you don’t deserve them or you’ll lose them, sign up to The Empowered Self Academy for a month and you’ll be able to join the Breaking Cycles Mastermind, where I’ll show you how to get out of this cycle, work past the fear, and do the thing.

I hope this message was helpful to you.

Love to all.

Pile 3

The cards in this pile are; Pay Yourself First, the Book. Knight of Cups, 4 of Pentacles, Ace of Pentacles, the Fish, The Arrow Master, Sixth Chakra Arcangel Metatron, Look at the bigger picture, Motivation, and Divine Timing.

Pay yourself first and put yourself first. Same message. Put yourself on your own list Pile 3. It’s okay to do things for yourself. It’s okay to take care of yourself. It’s okay to be who you are. You don’t need to change for anybody or do anything for anybody. Take care of yourself.

If I were to put the tarot cards into a sentence they would say; Follow your heart (Knight of Cups) so that you can hold onto (4 of Pentacles) the opportunity to have and create what you want (Ace of Pentacles). Your heart knows the way. It’s guiding you. It’s showing you the truth that is within you. You have the opportunity to do a thing that will change your life and move you forward. You’re not doing it. My feeling is you’re worrying about other people. The other people will be fine!

The Book is about truth and the Fish is about value. The truth has value. The truth is valuable. The truth is not that you need to give things up for other people. The truth is not that you can’t have what you want. The truth is not that you aren’t worthy of what you want. The truth is you can have, you do deserve, and you are good enough. Now, do you believe that for yourself? if not, why not? Who told you that you weren’t good enough and why did you believe them?

The Arrow Master is about aiming for what you want and hitting your target. You can have what you want if you go get it. You will be successful. Do you know how I know you’re being guided? Because your Third Eye showed up in the Sixth Chakra card. You know the outcome already. It’s been shown to you and you’re still not doing it.

Are you busy stuck in the details, worrying about little things? Look at the bigger picture! Allow yourself to get up in that proverbial helicopter and look down on the trees below. Notice where you’re being led. Notice that you can have what you want. Look around you.

Motivation means you’re not very motivated right now. Fear took over, didn’t it? There may also be some divine timing at play, as the bag said. Maybe this is a necessary pause in the action while things line themselves up. That’s okay, too. Use the time to work through the fear, look at the bigger picture, and get really okay with the vision you have for yourself. This is going to work out brilliantly once you move forward.

If you’re stuck in this cycle of not doing, sign up for a month in The Empowered Self Academy so you’ll be registered for the Breaking Cycles Mastermind where I’ll show you how to get out of this stuff and move forward. It is possible and you can do it.

I hope this message was helpful.

Love to all.


We all have repetitive patterns and cycles in our lives that need to be broken. What came out in the cards were the bigger cycles of not doing things, unworthiness, and trust that come up for everyone. The key to all of this is to be aware of it and then work towards breaking them. They can all be broken. It just takes time and effort.

If you’re willing to put in that time and effort, sign up for a month of The Empowered Self Academy. You’ll gain access to all the stuff that’s already there and you’ll have the opportunity to attend the Breaking Cycles Mastermind, where I’ll show you how to break the cycles for yourself. A little awareness can make a big difference in this process.

Love to all.


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