Tarot Reading: Advice on Handling Life Changes

It seems most of us are going through life changes of some kind right now. Since I got a new deck in the mail today and because I can, I figured we’d do a little reading and get some advice about what’s coming up for all of us and maybe how to handle the chaos.

The decks I used for this reading are: The Wheel of the Year Tarot by Maria Caratti, the Gilded Reverie Expanded Edition by Ciro Marchetti, The Wisdom of the Hidden Realm oracle by Colette Baron-Reid, the Energy Oracle by Sandra Anne Taylor, and the Butterfly Oracle for Life Changes by Doreen Virtue.

The picture below shows all 4 piles. Calm your energy for a moment and focus. Pick the pile you are drawn to and then scroll down for your reveal.

Pile 1

The cards in the reading are the 2 of Swords, the Star and the Key, The Dragon’s Duel, Storm Warning and Dietary Change.

There is a choice coming in your future Pile 1, as indicated by the 2 of Swords. This isn’t an easy choice though and it’s causing some discomfort, as shown by the Storm Warning. The other cards surrounding these two reflect how to handle this decision.

The Star in Lenormand oracle is about hopes, dreams and wishes. It’s about all the things we would like to create in our lives. The Key is the solution. It can indicate an actual key or an opening of something like a door. There is a path forward and the trick to finding it is to listen to your dreams or the Star. It’s indicating that you know what you want. Are you afraid of it? Why are you stopping yourself?

The Dragon’s Duel is also indicating that choice. But one thing it says is “Conscious Choice”. Making conscious choices means that we’re listening to our inner guidance and following it. Making conscious choices does not mean that everybody is happy with our decision. It doesn’t mean that nobody gets hurt. It does mean that in the end we’ve done the best we can for everybody involved, including and especially ourselves.

The Dragon’s Duel and the 2 of Swords both indicate an internal conflict. Maybe you’re afraid of hurting somebody. Maybe you’re afraid of what others will think. Maybe you’re afraid you’ll fail. You will guarantee yourself failure if you never try. Other people aren’t trying either and that’s why they have such strong opinions of what you’re doing. Hurting other people, when done with higher guidance, intuition, and love is sometimes part of the journey. It’s okay to move forward.

The final card is Dietary Change. This card comes out of the Butterfly Oracle when we’re making a change that affects the energy around us or inside of us. This change is a good change, it’s like eating better food. It’s good for your body. This is a necessary and beneficial change for you but only if you allow it. It’s okay to move forward. You can handle what comes and you will be alright.

Pile 2

Your cards are the Wheel of Fortune, the Letter and the Bouquet, The Chess Queen, Contract, and Health-Care Change.

The Wheel of Fortune is a card all about change, how convenient that we happen to be talking about exactly that! The wheel can spin in either direction, good or bad. Remember that good and bad are only human perceptions, experience is neutral. But for our purposes here in these human forms, the experience will either be perceived as positive or negative.

This change appears to be a good one. You will be getting a letter or some form of communication that will be offering you something. That is indicated by the Letter and the Bouquet. The Letter talks about communication, both written and verbal, it could be a text message, a phone call, or an actual letter. The communication appears positive with the Bouquet. It may be an offer of some sort like a job interview. The communication may be flattering to you as well. They may say nice things about you!

The Contract card in the middle indicates some sort of agreement being made. There is nothing here suggesting this is a romantic commitment, although that is possible. It is more likely that this is a job offer or a contract to buy or do something for someone.

The Chess Queen indicates that there may be a level of trust in this contract or it may require you to play your cards right or make some kind of a plan of action. Either way you will be okay.

The final card is Health-Care Change. I see this as a change in your circumstances of some kind that allows you to take better care of yourself. Maybe it’s a better job or a promotion. Maybe you’re moving and buying a new home or signing a new lease. Any positive step that requires some sort of agreement is indicated here and it will serve you better than your current situation.

This is a positive step in the right direction Pile 2! Congratulations!

Pile 3

The cards are the 7 of Wands, the Dog and the Clouds, The Sun Dancers, Envy, and Courage.

Pile 3, you’re going to handle this shift with courage! You’re moving forward towards calmer waters. Life is going to get a little easier soon. Just trust what’s happening for you right now.

If you look closely at that picture on the 7 of Wands card (top center), you’ll see he’s in a boat. Look at the water in front of him, it’s calmer. The water behind him was challenging. Things are getting better. That’s your life right now. You’ve been through a bunch. You’ve been tested, you’ve struggled, but you’ve kept going, persevered, and you are coming out the other side. Good for you!

The Clouds indicate confusion. Think of it like brain fog, just not sure quite what’s happening. There can be a sense of things being hidden in the clouds, but this isn’t a deceptive energy. It’s just things you can’t see right now.

The Dog indicates loyalty and friendship. Think of how a dog behaves. It follows its’ leader around. It obeys commands and does what it is told. The dog loves to have companions, friendship and family. Maybe for you some of your friends and family have been creating confusion. Maybe there is a particular relationship in your life right now that is confusing for you. It’s caused you to need some strength and courage to move through it. Whether or not it’s completely resolved, it’s at least calmed down or will soon.

The Envy card indicates somebody is jealous. Maybe there is a friend who is jealous of the people that are closest to you. Jealousy is an energy of lack. It could mean this friend wants to spend more time with you but doesn’t know how to tell you. It could mean they are jealous of something you have. Whatever it is, the envy may also be hidden in those clouds. It may be the thing that isn’t obvious to you right now.

The Sun Dancers is supposed to be a card of celebration and abundance. I feel as though some of that has been taken from you. Maybe the celebration ended a little too soon. Maybe you never got to the celebration part. I still see it coming though as you move into those calmer waters, you’re just not there yet. There is a reason things happen the way they do. Try to go with the flow a little bit. It’ll get better.

The final card is Courage. That’s the advice here. Have courage and faith. Enjoy the parts of your life that are still working for you. Find the good things in all the chaos. Not everything is upside down right now. Remember to notice the positive parts. Reach out to other friends and family for help if you need it. You’re going to get through this Pile 3. You just will.

Pile 4

The cards are the Ace of Cups, the Bear and the Moon, Sacred Union, Woman Holding a Heart, and Family Changes.

Well if this isn’t obvious I don’t know what is! Somebody is coming into union with their divine other half. Whether or not you know who this person is, you will recognize them when you meet them. This will be a very obvious and rather powerful connection for you. This might be a short reading! It’s pretty straightforward.

The Ace of Cups is the new love card. It indicates new love and flow coming into your life.

The Bear is all about power. Bears are powerful creatures. They have control over their surroundings. They know how to get what they want and they aren’t afraid to go after things. Combined with the Moon which is emotion, we have powerful emotions. Now the emotions can range wildly here. There will definitely be love, but there may be some fear as well. New feelings, especially when they are powerful and overwhelming are a little bit scary. Take it easy though. You may need to take some time to figure out how to handle these new emotions.

The Sacred Union. What else is there to say? This is your divine other half. It’s partnership and union. What I will say about a divine union, is that while they are emotionally powerful and it will make you very happy, it can also be very challenging. Divine partners are mirrors for us. They show us the things about ourselves we need to learn about, heal or don’t like so much. Be prepared for quick growth and “enlightenment” because that’s usually what comes with a divine union.

The Woman Holding a Heart is you or the other person with their heart in their hands or on their sleeve. The new feelings of love abound and are overflowing. Both of you will be happy. I realize that a woman appears on the card, but ignore the gender and take this how it resonates best for you.

The final card is Family Changes. This usually indicates that there are changes happening for the people you already live with. Maybe there are children involved. Maybe one or both of you have relationships that need to end. This new relationship will affect the family in some way.

This is a happy, positive time for you Pile 4. Enjoy it!


All four piles talked about some different types of change that may be happening for everybody right now. Not all change is easy to handle, some of it is even downright scary, but it’s all worth it in the end.

My personal advice, above and beyond what the cards have said, is to keep going. Trust yourself to make good choices and do the right thing. Know that these changes are designed for you so that you can have the life you want. You will be okay, regardless of which pile you picked, it will work out just fine.

Love to all.


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