The Business of “Should”

“Should” is a word that spent a lot of time in my business, but it had no place being there. The word implies a level of obligation in business. Take a mailing list for example, its a very common “should”. We should all have a mailing list because that’s just what people in business do. We should all have a website because every business needs one. We should all write a blog. We should all have this and we should all have that. The business should be formatted this way or that way. It’s like somebody created a business cookie cutter and everybody is supposed to follow the models they made.

Two years ago, when I started offering tarot readings, I had all the “should’s” in place. I had a mailing list and a blog, plus social media of course. I had all these things but nothing really worked and, quite frankly, I’m not sure I wanted to do any of it anyway. I was far more concerned with making an income than I was with writing a blog. I was one of those people that had decided that blog writing was necessary only for traffic. But one needs to sell something to make money. Nobody makes money on a blog.

Over the last two years my offerings have evolved tremendously and the card readings faded away. Finally, I suppose it was summer of this year, decided to drop all the “should’s”. I gave up on a mailing list. I actually gave up on a blog for a while too. I focused on coaching and course offerings. It got better but still, that wasn’t quite it. More work to do!

Over the last few days, I’ve gotten more clarity around my business and what I’m here for. I’ve been kind of one foot on the path one foot off the path for the last several months. The topics were more or less right, I just kept my own life out of it. I did that on purpose though, it was fear.

The reason I now talk about things like giving ourselves permission, self-sabotage, denial, personal power, healing and empowerment is that I’ve lived all those things. I’ve had to work through all the pain of denying who I was and what I wanted. I’ve let important people go in favour of doing what I “should” do. I’ve learned the hard way how difficult and unnecessary it truly is.

So what’s changed? I’ve added my own story into my work. I’ve added my lessons. I’ve added me into my work. I’m telling the truth about what’s been going on for me for a while now. I’m telling the truth about my marriage and my life. It’s scary as hell, but it’s also really powerful and therapeutic. I’ve spent the last few days writing 2 or 3 blogs a day, plus posting a little bit within my Facebook group, beyond just sharing what I normally would. It’s been a powerful and enjoyable experience for me. Being able to share is an incredible gift that I’ve been given.

The best part is, without all the “should’s”, without offering a bunch of stuff I don’t want to do, I just get to enjoy writing. I don’t have to worry about the rest. I’ve learned to trust that if I stay the course and simply do only that which I want to do, I will be fully supported. Amazing things are coming and I’m looking forward to all of them!

If you’re in business now, if you’re thinking about starting a business, stay out of “should”. Do what you want to do! If you want to write poetry all day, do it and share it! If you want to make widgets all day, do it and sell them! Whatever you want to do, do that! Don’t worry about the rest! Let the Universe help you. What’s the catch? Trust and a belief in yourself and the Universe. That’s it. Stay out of fear, let go of control and chill. Just enjoy your work. There is power in this process. It’s not always easy, but it is worth it.

Sending love to all!


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