The Great Encourager

I get yelled at a lot by the Universe to share my story and the progress I’ve made over the years. That’s mostly because my journey is what I teach and talk about now.

My life has been learning about confidence and stability. It’s been about coming into my own power within myself without needing the outside world to validate me and without needing permission from others to live my life on my own terms. Those things aren’t easy. If it didn’t sound so completely egotistical, I’d change the tagline on my website banner to say “The Great Encourager”.

I can’t give you confidence. I can show you how I got mine and I can encourage you to go find your own. I can’t give you stability, I can only encourage you to trust that it’s within you. I can give you permission, although it’s better if you give it to yourself and I will encourage you to do that as well. There is no course, no book, no blog or video where I can magically hand you confidence in a downloadable file and tell you this is all you need. That doesn’t exist. What I can do is give you what I didn’t have, somebody to simply say “Go do the thing, you’re going to be fine.”.

It’s likely if you’re reading this that you’ve watched my business change the last few years. My business is a reflection of the changes that I’ve been making within myself. As I’ve continued to understand this concept of stability being within myself I’ve continued to knock the proverbial crutches out from under me within my business by removing obligation and the concept of trading time for money.

The concepts of doing less and making more, not needing to push or struggle, trusting that what I do is enough and that I don’t need to do more if I don’t want to require me to trust myself. The old 3D beliefs that you have to push, that you need to buy thousands of dollars in ads, or create a mailing list or have the right marketing in order to be stable within your business are lies. They aren’t true. It’s taken me a long time to unlearn that and I still have to remind myself that I don’t need to do that stuff.

Life and business are not just about having the right gimmick. When I was a school teacher I used to say that the only way to get a job was to have the right trick. You had to have the right skill at the right time and generic K-6 teachers like myself weren’t it. We were dime a dozen, far too many of us to go around, making getting a job almost impossible. I believed the same was true in business for a long time. I had to find the right trick, the right skill, the right idea at the right time in order to be successful. A successful business was a combination of luck and really good marketing. If you didn’t have those, you might as well pack up and go home, definitely don’t quit your day job.

Even with wonky beliefs like that and not knowing any better, I did quit my day job and started teaching computers. I was still trying to fit in the boxes. I was trying to make my business something I wasn’t because I wasn’t good enough. I couldn’t sell “me” because I wasn’t enough for that. I had to sell some product or service because then I could hide. If I wanted my business to be enough then I had to take me out of the equation because I was the weak link in that scenario.

So while I was busy believing that I wasn’t enough, the world reflected that back to me through my bank account, my lack of an audience, my “bad marketing”, my lack of inspiration, and my lack of happiness. If I wasn’t enough then my life wasn’t enough. It showed up everywhere.

I had to find my “enough” within myself. I had to let myself off the hook of not having enough clients, or not having enough ideas or not having enough money or not having enough anything. I had to decide that what I did have was perfectly fine and that I could simply start from where I was and that was okay. We all start from the beginning anyway, so I would too, at 40 something years old.

What you’ve been watching is me find my “enough” as I let myself off the hook, follow the inspiration, put my stuff out there, write, share, create, be, and do and only from a place of inspiration and desire. I knock the crutches out from under myself constantly so that I can learn to stand on my own. I challenge myself all the time like this. The business is not my stability. I am my own stability. You can be that for yourself as well.

Keep challenging yourself because that’s how you prove it to yourself. Keep going so you learn to trust yourself. Keep trying and don’t beat yourself up when it doesn’t work. Just know that it gets easier, it gets better, and life improves. It will never be all rainbows and unicorns, but it can be better than it was and that’s all that matters.

I will be here to keep pushing you along, to keep encouraging you to move forward and do the thing because I know that if you do it, life is going to show you how magical it really can be. Everything you want and need is inside of you. It’s your job to go find it.

Love to all.


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