The New Royal Baby

The New Royal Baby

What a time to leap into a body on planet Earth! I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry welcomed a new royal bundle of baby boy on May 6th at 5:26 am UK time. What a powerful little bundle of masculine Taurus energy they have created!

The timing of this birth is simply incredible. He was born within a few hours of the 5/5 portal, in between huge energy waves and shortly after a New Moon on May 4th. One look at this little guy’s birth chart and it screams power.

He’s wide awake with full intuitive, psychic powers ready to go. He’s in 5D, born like that. He’s got all the power, work ethic, personality and dependability one will need to lead a massive shift in the royal family. He’s going to be busy helping the royal family transition to 5D with the rest of the planet. You didn’t think they were exempt now did you?

Because he’s royal he gets the star treatment, but he’s not the only baby that will be born on May 6th, he’s just the one with enough star power to make international headlines the second he’s born. Any child born around now has the same magical powers, gifts and talents. They may or may not do it on the world stage, but they all come in with similar gifts, fully awakened and in 5D.

These kids are the future. They are the models of what 5D looks like. They will reserve judgement, allow people to be as they are while they teach acceptance and unconditional love. This is what the future looks like. They won’t be bound by the rules of the 3D world we all grew up in. They will pave their own paths and do their own thing. They know that what we’ve being doing doesn’t work, so they are happy to do it their own way.

Watch out world because little baby Sussex is not going to be any different. Just by his birth chart he has all the tools he needs to pave his own path and shift the royal family. He may get a little help from his older cousins and any siblings he winds up having, but ultimately, this is the ring leader that will take that family forward.

As a final note, I would like to wish Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and the rest of the royal family well and congratulate them on the birth of their baby.

Love to all.