The Struggle is Real

Some days are easier than others. We know this. Right now I’m trying to create new patterns and let go of old ones that sabotaged me. I’m trying to write more consistently and communicate my story and the lessons I’ve learned more often. I’m trying not to hide.

But just like all things, the struggles come up. It can be challenging to keep going some days, especially when habits aren’t fully formed and I’m struggling to figure out what to write about. It’s not about lack of content either, that’s infinite. It’s about coming up with the big idea in the moment. It’s about that little bit of inspiration that it takes to make a blog post happen. Today I just decided I would talk about the struggle of figuring out what to type on this blank page. The struggle is very real for me today.

Chances are we’ve all struggled with maintaining momentum and moving forward. Sometimes it’s fear that gets in the way. Sometimes it’s life happening around us that distracts us. Sometimes it’s just procrastination and apathy. For me today it’s a combination of life and fear. My youngest son is having some severe anxiety issues that are preventing him from going to school. I have some fear around what’s happening in my life. Just go back to the last few blogs I’ve done to read all about that. Life is challenging right now. It’s challenging in the physical sense and the mental one too.

What am I afraid of? It’s a question I’ve been grappling with. Some of it is just not knowing what’s going to happen. I don’t have solutions for my son and I’m concerned about the reactions from my family as I move forward. I have to continually remind myself that things will work themselves out and that me worrying constantly solves nothing. I have to let some of this stuff go and just trust. I don’t get to have control over a lot of this. That’s hard.

With all the clarity and intuition I’ve been given, with everything I already know about what’s coming and how it’s going to happen, I still have the fear and worry. I still don’t trust it. Intuition only gets us so far. It’s a helpful tool and it can make things much easier when we’re able to use it like GPS navigation. But when we don’t trust it, when we do the opposite of what the GPS says and we try to take control, that’s when we get lost and we struggle.

The trick to all of this is to not beat ourselves up and just do the best we can. It gets easier, things get better, the idea for the blog post just shows up and it all works out in the end. The shift we have to be able to make is to go from a sense of not being able to do something to the possibility of being able to do it. Once it becomes possible, then it has the ability to happen. Until it’s possible though, we stay stuck in fear or worry. Everything is possible. The only question is about what we are willing to allow.

Love to all.


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