This Solstice Energy is Nuts!

So yeah, solstice seems to have a kick to it. Those of us that are energy sensitive or just sensitive or empathic in general, are feeling all the things these days.

I want to start by saying that I tend to take a lighthearted approach to the energy. Sarcasm is one of my best friends and it gets me through the more difficult energy with what’s left of my sanity intact. That’s quite a feat, I might add!

Most of us are probably feeling pulled in a thousand directions. For me, the inspiration of things to share and write is coming hard and fast. A notebook and a pen are critical things right now. There’s another book in the offing for me, it’s one that I’ve wanted to write for many years but haven’t found a way to do that didn’t either re-victimize me or sound like a sob story. I think I found the general model this morning and I’m looking forward to what will come of that.

I didn’t get to write yesterday (Friday) because I was so busy in that 3D world of shopping and Christmas preparation. This morning I just felt the pull. There are things to say and share and I finally have the time to write them down today.

So what’s this solstice thing going to bring anyway?

Likely nothing obvious or perceptible in the 3D world. The shifts will be emotional, mental and spiritual. Aliens will not be landing on the planet. Jesus will not be coming back from the dead. The world will not be unplugged and plugged back in again. But, if you’re sensitive, if you’re paying attention, there will be an energetic shift and it will be obvious. If you’re reading this, you’re probably feeling the upcoming shift too. It feels like a car with a manual transmission, that is going to need to move to the next gear soon. It’s easy to feel the acceleration and hear the engine revving up.

The solstice will bring in the energy we’ll be in for the beginning of 2021. As happens with every new year, things feel new and different. 2021 will not be an exception. There will not be a perceivable shift between December 31st and January 1st. The pandemic won’t magically end. Things won’t somehow return to whatever “normal” means for you. But the anticipation of some sense of normalcy, the anticipation of a new year will help move things forward and get us out of the very heavy energy we’ve been in for quite some time. The release of that heavy energy is what will shift things for people in 2021.

Whatever you’re feeling right now, allow yourself to experience it. Allow yourself to feel it. The energy can be tough sometimes but we will get through it. There’s a reason you’re feeling it so deeply, so explore that. Honor it. Learn from it. Remember that what you’re experiencing is normal. It’s not weird. You’re not crazy. You’re a human being that understands your connection to the Earth and the Universe at large. That’s a good thing. It’s powerful and it’s needed.

Sending love to all.


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