Time is an Illusion

Time is an Illusion

Time is a human perception, not a Universal law or construct. Did you know that? Clocks are essentially human created form that we use to keep track of something that doesn’t exist. Neat right?

Babies don’t have the concept of time. Babies don’t understand clocks or day and night. They don’t care if it’s 12pm or 2am, it’s all the same to them. This is how we would all be if we weren’t taught about time and clocks from our parents. A baby also doesn’t have the memory to remember anything beyond the present. If you hide a toy under a blanket a baby will forget about it very quickly.

As we get older, even without a clock, we start to perceive a sense of time: past, present and future. As adults we have long and short term memories of things that have already happened which create a sense of past, and we have dreams about things that haven’t happened yet, creating a sense of future. This ability to remember is what creates our sense of time.

So here is where I start to sound a little like Eckhart Tolle. Everything only happens in the present, in the now. It can’t happen tomorrow, yesterday or next week. It only happens now. The memories that you have of events that have occurred in the past actually happened now. If you bring the memory with you and you attach an emotion to the memory you can relive the event as if it is happening now. This is typically where humans get themselves into trouble.

As you’ve heard many spiritual teachers say, let go of the past and stop letting it wreck your now. Your power is in where you are in this moment, not where you were 5 years ago at some random moment in time. Bringing bad memories forward is doing nothing more than wrecking your present moment. It prevents you from having the best experience you possibly can in the now because you’re too focused on a time period that no longer exists. Memories are not real. The experience you had at the time was very real, but your memory of it is an illusion, a trick of the brain to keep you safe.

Now let’s have some fun. Even though linear time is an illusion, all of these moments of past, present and future are co-existing now on different timelines that our spirits can jump between. I know what you’re thinking, I just said that memories don’t exist and that they are an illusion of the mind, and they are, in the timeline that you are currently enjoying. I didn’t say they were gone forever. They are not part of your current timeline which makes them a dream, a dream about an alternate timeline you are not part of in the present moment.

One of the limitations of having a physical body is the inability to truly time travel via timelines through the space / time continuum. We can’t go back to some previous point in time and have a do over. We are effectively anchored here in this present moment on this calendar date at this clock time. But our spirits do a lot of time travel. For more on timelines and how they affect your human form, check out my other article “Timelines: How Do They Work?“.

Time is a funny illusion with many nuances and tricks it plays on our human forms. Pay attention to how attached you are to the clock and time. How important is it? Can you rely on it less? You will feel better and less stressed if you do.

Lots of love.