Timelines: How Do They Work?

Timelines: How Do They Work?

Your spirit has the power to jump timelines. It is not tied to the current space / time reality you perceive in your human form. It can go anywhere it likes and it often does.

The human form experiences this in a few ways. The most common is deja vu, the feeling of having been there, done that. The spirit version of you has experienced this event, the human form has not. You in human form are aware of the previous experience by your spirit. That’s what creates the feeling of having seen this particular event play out already. All the human form knows is current space / time reality and nothing else and so it thinks something is wrong. It’s not. Deja vu is one of those very common experiences enjoyed by folks that really have no idea what just happened because they aren’t awake yet.

As we awaken, time lapses can become a thing. Suddenly we find ourselves losing seconds, minutes or hours with no awareness of what our physical body was doing during that time. I call this a milk run for the soul. It’s the soul taking off, leaving the human form behind (not like death), and going exploring for a bit. We may or may not have conscious awareness of where our soul took off to in the moment, but that’s what happened.

Our physical forms always stay in the current linear time / space reality. It can’t jump to next Thursday. It doesn’t work like that. But your soul , because it is free from linear space / time, can jump around for short adventures and often does. Any energetic perceptions or emotions you get from these little excursions become the seeing and knowing clairvoyance many humans are gifted with.

Now where it gets interesting is that there are multiple thousand variations of your current space / time reality that you jump in and out of all day long with no awareness of doing so. Those timelines are all of the circumstances and events you find yourself surrounded by, minute by minute, throughout any given day. This changes and shifts constantly and is based on your current vibration, beliefs, feelings and whatever your higher self has decided you need to experience or help with in that moment.

Depending on how aware you are of timelines and how attached you are to the calendar and clock in linear time, you may have the perception of being either ahead of or behind current linear time. This is actually an illusion and almost seems like a little bit of a glitch in the time / space continuum.

Your physical body always stays in current linear time. It doesn’t have a choice at the moment. Believe me, if your spirit could drag your physical body into 2035 it probably would, but it can’t. So that means your physical body is stuck where it is. Any perception you have of being out of sync with current time / space reality is really just you not being grounded into your physical body. It’s your spirit and physical form being out of sync, like audio being out of sync with the movie picture. Grounding back into your body will sync things back up.

Grounding won’t keep you from jumping timelines and losing time, but it will make sure that you stay connected to the current linear time / space reality your human form currently enjoys living in.

There may very well come a day when we’ll be able to drag our human forms through time and space. That hasn’t yet happened. Until it does, enjoy the grounded feeling of being attached to the perception of linear space / time reality.

Lots of love,