Valentine’s Day Love Reading

It is the day of love and I thought it might be fun to do a love reading. It’s not something I normally do intentionally. Anyway, this reading is for anybody, whether you’re looking for love, already taken or anywhere in the middle. Take this however it resonates with you and enjoy the holiday!

The decks used in this reading are The Romance Angel Oracle by Doreen Virtue, The Energy Oracle by Sandra Anne Taylor, The Healing Light Lenormand Oracle by Christopher Butler, and The Whispers of Love Oracle by Angela Hartfield.

Pick a pile from the picture below and then scroll down to read your messages.

Pile 1

The cards are the Letter and the Tower from the Healing Light Lenormand deck, First Chakra and Door to Value from the Energy Oracle, Flirt and Pay attention to the red flags from the Romance Oracle and Practice Compassion from the Whispers of Love Oracle.

Somebody is avoiding a conversation that needs to be had. The Letter indicates a conversation and the Tower indicates that somebody has isolated themselves. This tower is not the same as the Tower in a tarot deck.

The First Chakra card is the root chakra. This is about grounding and stability. This is where some of our confidence lies. When it’s out of whack or blocked, it’s difficult to move forward with the things that we need to do. But the other card, Door to Value, does indicate that the conversation will be valuable and is important. it doesn’t necessarily mean there is a big pile of money coming, what it does mean is that the conversation will help to balance the root chakra.

Flirting can help to ease tension and allow everybody to relax. The conversation doesn’t immediately have to be a big serious thing. It can start gently with easy conversation and some light flirting.

In this case I think the red flags are just the out of balance root chakra which is creating a need to protect oneself from danger. There is concern here that whoever is not talking is not talking will cover things up or not say what actually needs to be said. Just be aware of the difficulty the other person is having when you enter into this conversation.

This awareness is the compassion the Whispers of Love oracle is talking about. Be compassionate with the other person. This isn’t easy and this person may need some time to finally come forward with whatever needs to be said.

This situation will resolve and everything will be okay. It may just take some time, so be patient. It’s frustrating, but it will work out.

Pile 2

The cards in this pile are the House and the Heart in the Healing Light Lenormand, the Sixth Chakra and the Sun in the Energy Oracle, Make the Effort and Give Your Relationship a Chance in the Romance Angels and Be Willing to Express Love in the Whispers of Love oracle.

There are some strong feelings being hidden in this relationship. The Heart is a card about love, romantic or otherwise. The House is about family and privacy. It can also be a more literal card about an actual home. In this reading though, the two cards are combining to show hidden feelings that haven’t been expressed yet.

The Energy Oracle is showing the Sixth chakra or third eye and the Sun. The third eye is where we get much of our intuitive information, it’s our vision in a sense. We may know the other person has more feelings than they have let on or the other person may be aware that they need to express how they feel but aren’t doing it anyway.

The Sun indicates that expressing those feelings will bring happiness. The feelings may be returned by the other person. There may be a sense of relief that comes from expressing these emotions.

The Romance Oracle is showing Make the Effort. The big message here is to say how we feel. Don’t hold it in or hold it back. It’s okay to tell people how we feel about them. Sometimes it’s hard for the other person to receive if they are wounded or traumatized in some way, but expressing those feelings is still necessary and okay.

Give Your Relationship a Chance is the reminder to be patient. The other person will come around eventually. It might just take some time. Don’t be too concerned with what is being said or not said and know that things will work themselves out.

Be Willing to Express Love is also encouraging the other person or yourself to come forward and say how you or they feel. It is safe to express emotion, even when it doesn’t feel like it. We are allowed to feel how we feel and we don’t need that validation from anybody. It will be okay.

Pile 3

The cards are the Clouds and the Key from the Lenormand deck, Broken Heart and Deceit from the Energy Oracle, Love Yourself First and Healing Family Issues from the Romance Angels and Look at Your Pattern in Relationships from the Whispers of Love Oracle.

The Clouds are talking about confusion. There is some mental confusion around what to do next or even how to do it. The Key is the solution in this case. It can talk about a literal key to something as well. These two cards combine here to show that somebody isn’t sure what to do next. They are stuck in their minds and have trapped themselves in a corner.

The Energy oracle cards are showing pain and deceit. Somebody got hurt somewhere along the way, whether in this relationship or another, and it caused them to keep a lot of things to themselves. They may have hid their feelings or who they were. They didn’t show you the truth and maybe now they are regretting that. They want the relationship back potentially, but are unsure how to resolve the issue.

The way forward here is to Love Yourself First. Part of the solution is simply doing what will make us happy. Sometimes that’s having a difficult conversation (pile 1), sometimes that’s simply saying what we have been hiding (pile 2), and sometimes that’s just coming clean and getting of our heads (pile 3).

These issues may have resulted from family. The card Healing Family Issues is about just that. Maybe their family didn’t like you or vice versa. Maybe there was pressure there to find somebody else. Maybe there are childhood wounds that make it difficult to be in relationships. Whatever the case, there are old wounds here that need to be healed.

The Whispers of Love Oracle deck is asking us to look at old patterns. Do we have a habit of running from our emotions? Do we have a habit of hiding how we feel? Do our relationships always end the same way? Do we always date the same type of person and wonder why it never works out? These patterns are important clues when we find ourselves in situations like this, because those old habits won’t work here.

The definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. We need to stop doing those same things because they won’t work. If we want to change the outcome we probably need to do whatever it is we’re afraid of here.

This isn’t easy but it is doable, if it’s worth it to you to do. If it’s not worth it, you or the other person won’t make the effort. If it is worth it, the effort will be made and the solution will be found.

Pile 4

The cards are the Coffin and the Tree from the Healing Light Lenormand, Envy and Contract from the Energy Oracle, Express Your Love and Stay Optimistic about Your Love Life from the Romance Angels and Miracles and Blessings from the Whispers of Love.

The Coffin is about all the things we bury in life, whether that’s feelings and desires or literal death and burial. The Tree is about grounding, stability, roots, or staying stuck and being stubborn. Many things have been buried in this relationship and it may have become unhealthy because of it. There may be something that needs to be let go of here in order for this relationship to move forward.

The Energy Oracle is showing Envy and Contract. Somebody is jealous of something. Maybe one of you is in a relationship that could be indicated by the Contract card, and it made the other one jealous. Jealousy is always an energy of lack, somebody else having what I don’t have. That energy is generally not healthy, and is often expressed in quite toxic ways if it’s not worked through. Whether or not this person has expressed their jealousy, which I doubt they have, they are feeling it. They are jealous of the commitment or contract that you have with somebody else.

But the last three cards are showing a little bit of a miracle here. It appears this relationship wants to work itself out. There is a desire to be together. Express Your Love indicates that it’s time to say how we feel. We need to express these hidden emotions and find a way to express the envy in a healthy way too. Stay Optimistic About Your Love Life also indicates a positive outcome is likely with time and patience.

The Whispers of Love Oracle is talking about miracles and blessings as well. You can have what you want. This relationship can resolve itself if you believe it can. Keep the faith here and trust that everything will work itself out, no matter how out of whack it may seem right now.


There is a lot of big energy here. Each of these piles were about resolving conflicts and problems within relationships.

Remember that there is no requirement for you to do anything you don’t want to do. If you’ve had enough or if it’s not worth it to you, it’s okay to walk away.

Always listen to your intuition first, regardless of what these cards are telling you. Trust yourself and make the choices that make sense for you in your unique scenario.

Love and blessings to all. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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