Voxer Coaching

This is For You If....

  • You don’t like and don’t want scheduled video chat times.
  • You’d like to have me on “speed dial” to ask questions when they come up without needing an appointment every time.
  • You’re okay coaching yourself and don’t need as much support as the other programs I offer provide.
  • You prefer text and audio over video.
  • You’re busy and want “on the go” guidance without the hassle of appointments.

Introducing Voxer Coaching!

It’s coaching without the ball and chain of scheduled appointment times, videos you need to get dressed for, and trying to get alone time in a busy house.

Voxer is a free app that’s available in the App Store or on Google Play. It allows for text and voice messages with unlimited lengths.

It’s quick and easy to send and receive messages without everybody knowing you’re online or what you’re doing.

Coaching on Voxer allows us to have a private chat that isn’t on a schedule. We send short messages, text or audio, to each other and have a fluid conversation throughout your scheduled access time.

It’s coaching in bite-sized pieces without the overwhelm of a long workbook or the heavy energy that sometimes come from deep video sessions.

Put Me On Speed-Dial!

It happens to the best of us. We’re going about our lives and suddenly we have a question for our favorite coach, but we don’t have an appointment for 2 weeks. Now what? 

That’s where Voxer Coaching comes in. I’m right there when something comes up. Just shoot me a message, let me know what’s going on and how I can help. You’ll get instant guidance from me without waiting for that pesky appointment to come around.

This is perfect for people that are in the middle of a big transition or are doing some inner-healing on their own, but they feel like they need a backup plan.  Who do you go to when you’re healing and you get in a loop you’re having trouble getting out of? 

What do you do when you get stuck into something and you’re having a hard time figuring it out on your own? That’s what I’m for! I can help get you unstuck and on your way. 

No more getting caught in a loop.

No more getting stuck in your stuff. 

Catch yourself in the middle of the story and stop it by messaging me.

Putting me on speed-dial will keep you going no matter what’s happening around you.

Coaching with a Twist!

Imagine all the things I offer like clarity and advice in bite-sized pieces you have access to any time?

You can go back and listen to what I said or read what I wrote as much as you want. The text or audio is saved and you can review it whenever you like.

It’s private and confidential just like a video chat, but without the hassle of the appointment or the video.

No 40-page workbook with this either. Take the bits of advice or clarity I offer and run with it. Apply it to whatever is going on for you immediately. No waiting until after the call. Just go do your thing. Then come back and tell me what happened. No waiting for another appointment. Plus you don’t have to feel guilty for texting me between appointments!

It's Not For Everybody

There is a reason why the video coaching format is so popular. It works and we can cover a lot of ground quickly. It allows us to go really deep and do a lot of that deeper healing stuff that can be scary to do on your own.

But Voxer Coaching isn’t that. You have to be okay coaching yourself with a more minimal amount of support. We can’t go as deep. We can’t say quite as much. It’s shorter, quicker coaching that’s done over a longer period of time.

The conversation is meant to be fluid and take place around your regular daily routine. It’s like texting with a friend. It’s a giant run-on conversation where neither one says hi or bye at the beginning or end of a day. The conversation just continues as if nothing happened.

You still get what you need from me but in smaller, more easily digestible chunks. I’m not going to be able to sit with you for an hour while you cry your eyes out. But I can support you from afar and offer some simple wisdom to help you move forward and heal.

How Much Can I Message You?

As much as you want! Just send me a message and I will reply as soon as I can! 

The goal is for you to be able to work through whatever is coming up for you on the fly with me in Voxer. 

Giving you this kind of access to me allows you to coach yourself while still knowing you are supported by me all along the way.

What Can We Talk About?


Tell me about what’s going on in your head, your successes, your misses, your good days, and your bad days. 

Ask me questions, and get advice and coaching. I’m here for you!

No topic is off-limits!

Boundaries Are Needed

To do this while being fair to myself and all the other clients I have in Voxer, there have to be boundaries.

Without boundaries, I wouldn’t get a rest. The messages would be constant. Some may even try to hold lengthy conversations taking my time away from my other work, my family, and my other clients. I have to insist on boundaries to do this effectively.

Because this is a very different way to coach and it is a new offering for me, I have to be very clear about my expectations upfront. I don’t want people signing up without understanding what they are getting into.  Being clear about my expectations and boundaries is important for you and for me so that there is no confusion.

Below I’ve outlined what my boundaries and limits are. It’s not the sexiest thing to type up but it’s important for you to understand what I’m offering.  Please read them carefully.  If you have questions, just ask me. I’m here to help.

How Does This Work?

Once you’ve gotten all signed up, I will send you a little guide via email with some tips for getting set up on Voxer along with a free workbook I created that includes the process I take my clients through to heal.

We will connect on Voxer and then you’re all set. Just start messaging me with your questions or life updates. 

It’s that easy!

Package Options

Half and Full-Day Voxer coaching is limited to certain pre-determined days of the month. To be fair to people who choose these two packages, I do not offer these options on days I have scheduled appointments. It is my goal to get back to you within 30-minutes because of how short these 2 packages are. Please click the link to see what days are available.

Weekly and Monthly Voxer coaching will be done around scheduled appointments.  It is my goal to get back to all messages that were sent during my scheduled hours on the same day. Messages sent outside scheduled hours will be replied to at my earliest convenience or on my next scheduled day. When you click the link you will be able to select an available Monday to start your week or month on before checking out.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Depending on the length of the package you choose, I may have scheduled calls with other people. I will also have other clients in Voxer along with you and I’ll be doing my other work or being a mom at home. While it is private, it is not one-to-one in terms of the undivided attention you get in a video session.

Nope! My scheduled Voxer hours are Monday to Friday 11 am to 7 pm Central Time, excluding holidays. I may choose to answer some messages outside those hours but that will be at my discretion.  It is important for me to have boundaries and I will be maintaining those so that I don’t burn out. 

You are welcome to string Weekly and Monthly packages together but you cannot buy 2 monthly or weekly packages scheduled for the same timeframe. 

I only offer a few of these a month because I work them around my scheduled calls to make sure I am available. These are such short timeframes, that answering more quickly is important in order to be fair to people that choose these packages.

No. Access to me is access to me, whether it is used or not. It is your responsibility to use this time to your advantage. I will not chase you or refund you if you don’t use it.

Voice messages can be no longer than 3-minutes. I will stop listening at the 3-minute mark.

Extended monologues over multiple lengthy messages will not be listened to. This isn’t meant for extended stories and explanations. Keep it short, sweet, and to the point to get the most out of this.

Quick questions will be answered faster if they are texted to me.

The full and half day packages are not 4 and 8 hour continuous conversations. It is fluid. You are expected to continue on with your day during this time just as I will be.

When you first sign up I will send you a little guidebook with some simple instructions for getting setup on Voxer along with the process I use for healing to help you structure your inner work.

Besides that, there is no workbook, additional content, or scheduled call available with these coaching packages. They are strictly to give you access to me for an extended period of time.

Send me a message and let’s work out a time that works for both us. 

Note that the dates must stay consistent with what is offered. Only the times may change.

No. Once you’re in it, you’re in it. Once the week or month begins it must be completed within the expected time frame. 

If there are exceptional circumstances like hospitalization or death, please reach out. Only the most dire and extraordinary of circumstances will be considered.

I have not set up payment plans. The only package I would consider a payment plan on is the monthly one. 

If you would like to work something out with me, please reach out to me directly and lets see what we can do!

Choose Your Package

Below are the 4 package options. Clicking the buttons will take you to the cart where you can select your start date.

If you have questions or have trouble getting Voxer setup let me know! I will be in touch shortly to send you the little guide I created and to get connected on Voxer.

I’m excited to work with you this way! 

Thanks for joining me!