Welcome to 2021!

Happy New Year to all! I hope your new year’s celebrations went well, such as they were. It’s time to get on with it for 2021. There is nothing quite like starting a year with a weekend too! I will spend it removing the Christmas decorations and settling into the new year!

There is no better way to get the ball rolling on 2021 than to keep the momentum of 2020 rolling with another blog. In the last blog, I talked about leaving 2020 in 2020 as much as possible. Today though, I’d like to talk about planning out 2021. I know, we’re all waiting for the movie trailer after last year. But since there is no trailer and life continues on, making something resembling a plan can be helpful to create some momentum and get us thinking about where we want to get to this year.

When I’m planning a new year, I like to start by thinking about what I’ve already accomplished. It’s easier to build on things that have already been created. So I look at where I am in my business and where I’d like to go. I look at where I am on my spiritual journey and the lessons or things I need to work on in 2021.

I don’t make detailed plans. I don’t plan out my social media posts for the next 6 months. I don’t plan anything out in so much detail that it doesn’t leave room for the Universe to offer up its own ideas. There is making a plan that at least presents a reasonable path forward, and taking so much control that we don’t leave room for anything else that might want to show up. There is a balance here and it’s important to find your own sense of that balance.

As we learned in 2020, things aren’t really in our control. We have to be willing to go with the flow. Trying to be in control all the time creates stress and anxiety. It causes panic when things don’t go the way we want them to or expect them to. We have to release some of that control just to be able to find some peace in all the chaos!

As I do with a lot of things, I use tarot to help me focus my intentions where they need to go. I get the big picture overview from the cards and then I go from there. But if you don’t have or don’t use tarot cards, it’s as simple as meditating or going for a walk or whatever your daily practice is to get the messages that will help you move forward.

As I mentioned in the workbook I wrote, “Screw Practicality” (It’s on Amazon!), it’s not about having a detailed plan, it’s about having a general roadmap and then going with the flow after that. Think of it like using GPS. The GPS only works once you have a destination, but until we give it some direction, it can’t help us. So, by creating general goals to work towards, the Universe then becomes the GPS I can use to figure out how to get there. The process allows for detours and random changes of direction. It also allows you to change the destination and be rerouted instead of being stuck on a path you don’t like.

Just for a moment, let’s talk new year’s resolutions. Sounds like a goal but never works out like a goal is meant to. Why not? Because usually those resolutions aren’t in alignment with us. Resolutions usually fall into the category of “should”. I should lose weight. I should join the gym. I should quit smoking. I should eat better. I should learn to do something new. “I should” is a troublemaker and results in failure at every turn. If you’re going to make resolutions, make them things that are in alignment with you and things you want to do, not things you should do. You’re much more like to be successful that way.

So what’s all this about then? I try to give myself a general sense of direction at the beginning of each year. I was heavily rerouted in 2020, and I suspect you were as well. That’s okay. Reset the GPS and try again. It doesn’t mean anything was lost or that any of us failed, it means we went with the flow and made the best of it. Just keep doing that so that you can have some peace and actually enjoy your life.

Happy New Year! Thanks for joining me !

Much love to all!


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