What Messages Does Spirit Have? Tarot Reading

The decks used in this reading are The Moonology Oracle by Yasmin Boland, The Energy Oracle by Sandra Anne Taylor, and The Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle deck by Colette Baron-Reid.

Pick a pile from the image above and then scroll down to the reveal to receive your messages.

Pile 1

The cards are “Balance spirituality and practicality” from Moonology, “Seventh Chakra” and “Action” from Energy, and “The Hawk Prince” and “Spiral Dancer” from Wisdom.

The combined message of these cards is very simple. There is some action that you are being guided to take. Your perception can or is taking you around in circles either because you don’t want to do what you’re being guided to or because you’re not yet seeing what needs to be done clearly.

Your seventh chakra is your crown chakra at the top of your head. That’s where the guidance is coming from. If you’re reading this and wondering what the cards are talking about, it’s a good time to sit with yourself and either meditate or journal and see what comes up for you. The Hawk Prince is asking you to pay attention as well. The divine guidance is readily available to you now.

Always when we take action we want to balance spirituality and practicality as the Moonology card suggests. What that means is that we take the spiritual advice or request and we figure out how to make it happen in practical terms. What would it look like if I did what they are suggesting I do? That’s what your logical brain is for; it takes that spiritual wisdom and makes it happen in the 3D world.

There is one warning card in this pile and that is The Spiral Dancer. If you’re not careful with your perception and your judgement, you will end up going around in circles. There is no reason to take the long route. You have the power to get from where you are to where you want to be very easily. Make sure your perception is clear and you refrain from judgement as much as possible before you move forward.

Good luck on this journey!

Pile 2

The cards in this pile are “It’s time to release negativity” from Moonology, “Fifth Chakra” and “Envy” from Energy, and “The Eagle King” and “The Lady of the Lightning” from Wisdom.

Things are happening in your world pile 2. There is change and forward momentum. As you begin to speed toward your intended goal things may start to happen. There might be some surprises. You’re going to have to keep your cool and speak your truth. Sounds like a fun time!

What struck me about these pairs in both the Energy Oracle and the Wisdom Oracle is that each of them are male and female counterparts. This is suggesting there is a relationship coming up in this message. It doesn’t have to be romantic, however. Take what resonates here.

The fifth chakra is your throat chakra. It’s suggesting that maybe somebody has something to tell you, that it’s your own truth that you need to speak, or maybe both parties have things to tell each other. Either way communication is highlighted here as something that is critical.

Envy has also come up. Jealousy is the energy of lack. It suggests that somebody else has what we want, therefore we are without that person or thing. Envy can show up in many ways. It can be harmful, but only when not recognized and healed. Be open to conversations about things like jealousy as this can help heal this relationship if there is trouble in it.

The Wisdom Oracle cards are fascinating. The male counterpart, take that as it resonates in terms of gender identity, is focusing on the big picture and trying to move forward with what they want. The female, again taking that as it resonates, is shocked by this new found perspective that the male counterpart has. The Lady of the Lightning card has the energy of the Tower in tarot. It’s very much about shock, surprise and a sudden sense of leveling up or becoming aware of things that have been hidden from view until now. Be ready for anything when you see this card.

The Moonology deck is asking you to release negativity. This is important if you’re walking into a deep conversation with somebody. Coming in hurt, mad, jealous, bitter, and angry won’t get you the results that you want. While it’s important to state how you feel and be open about it, being careful with projecting that on to others is the key to your success.

Pile 3

The cards are “Conclusions are within reach” from Moonology, “The Temple Path” and “Angel of Love” from Energy, and “The River Queen” and “Gaia’s Garden” from Wisdom.

There is a situation that is ending for you pile 3. This situation will result in abundance for you. Your dreams are coming true. As this process completes itself, you are reminded that this is part of your spiritual journey and that you need to love yourself enough to move forward and allow the abundance in.

The Angel of Love is the reminder in this pile to love yourself. You are good enough and you deserve to have your dreams manifest into your reality. Allow that to happen. Be careful of self-sabotage or blocking your dreams from happening.

As things move forward, remember to stay in flow and allow the goodness to come to you. This is the reminder from the two Wisdom cards. In practical terms being in flow is being happy with the journey, understanding there is a purpose to it, and allowing yourself to follow the inspiration of it. Good things are coming pile 3, enjoy the fruits of your labour!

The Temple Path is the reminder that this is part of your journey. You are meant to learn from this process. Don’t be afraid of it. Move through it and enjoy where it takes you.

Pile 4

The cards are “What do you need to release?” from Moonology, “Blossoming Abundance” and “Woman holding a coin” from Energy, and “The Camel Boy” and “The Ringmaster of Scrutiny” from the Wisdom deck.

It seems you are wanting abundance, pile 4. Whether that is monetary abundance, an abundance of time, or something else, we are allowed to have what we want. Sometimes, we have to do some healing work first to get to where we want to go. That seems to be the case for you.

The Moonology card is asking what you’re holding on to that still needs to be let go of. There is something blocking that path to abundance. It’s your job to find it and release it. Ask your guides for help if you’re confused as to what needs releasing.

The Wisdom Oracle cards are reminding you that it’s okay to ask for help from others or from your spirit team. Work on gaining clarity so that you can see the bigger picture. Don’t get caught in all the minute details. Don’t try to make things happen. Focus on gaining clarity and perspective so that you can understand what truly needs to be accomplished. It will all become clear as you continue to work towards finding the clarity you need.

You are a powerful creator. As you learn to use that power you will begin to create with ease. This takes time, patience and healing.

All is well pile 4. Keep moving forward.

Love to all.


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