When Life is Frustrating

We all have moments in life that are frustrating. For some of us, life may be more frustrating than others. But it’s not a question of how frustrating it is. The question is what are you doing about it? I don’t mean fixing it. I mean putting yourself in a little bit of an energetic bubble so that the outside world doesn’t bother you so much.

At one point I was extremely frustrated by my reality. My life is very, what I’ll call distracting. It means I have many, many opportunities for interruptions all day every day. That used to drive me nuts because I would much prefer to have 6 to 8 hours of uninterrupted work time, but I don’t get that. It made me feel trapped for a while because I wanted to change my reality instead of figuring out how to manage it energetically. That’s where I’m going with this story.

Are you learning how to be okay in the frustration so that you don’t feel trapped or blocked? Or are you busy arguing with reality which keeps you feeling trapped and blocked? Where is your energy going?

This is what “they” mean when other spiritual leaders and teachers say things like, “focus on what you want”. It’s because if you’re focused on frustration or fixing the frustration, it takes your energy away from your goals. Your goals can’t move forward if you’re not putting energy into them.

When we talk about energy, it’s not about how much direct attention you’re giving your goals, it’s not about how many hours a day you work on your goals, it’s about where you’re putting your energetic attention whether you’re working on your goals or not.

We want to be physically focused on our goals, but life doesn’t always allow that. If life’s not allowing that, what’s your energy doing? That’s what you have to pay attention to. You can be energetically focused on your goals while physically focused on the crap going on around you. You don’t have to put energy into the nonsense if you don’t want to.

It’s so much more about your energetic commitment to what you want than it is about what you’re actually, physically doing. This is where becoming aware of your energy is helpful. Are all of the distractions and frustrations causing you to be worried about your goals? Is it causing you to worry about other people? If so then you’re not committed to your goals anymore, your energy is headed in a different direction. Now your energy is one of worry and frustration. Well, you’re not getting your goals from there. It doesn’t work like that.

The way we want to overcome the worry and the frustration is by physically focusing. But we can’t because even if you’re physically doing the work, your energy is still wonky. So now you’re putting wonky energy into your goals. You can’t get there from here. Don’t worry about the physical world, sort out your energy, then it doesn’t matter what you’re doing or not doing.

This is something that I’ve had to learn. I can’t physically focus to the degree that I would like. But that caused me to worry because I wasn’t able to get my work done as quickly as I wanted. The place I had to get to was one of understanding that as long as I was energetically committed, as long as I kept the energetic tether in place, I would get there eventually and it didn’t matter that my human self was all over the place in the process.

The idea that I could create my goals “without doing anything” is something I had to come to. We get taught that we have to do things. Not only do we have to do a lot, but it has to be hard. That keeps us physically focused. That’s when time becomes a factor and there are no longer enough hours in a day. That’s when we get frustrated if we can’t get things done quickly enough.

What if I can create my goals through energetic focus instead of physical focus?

What if even if I only get one post done that day and write 100 words before life distracts me for the remainder of the day, that that’s still moving me forward and that the physical timeline doesn’t matter?

What if it’s only about doing the best that I can around the distractions that matters?

What if it’s not about whether or not I’m able to physically focus at all?

I had to accept this as possible because I couldn’t move forward until I did. When I hinged my ability to be successful or be okay on my ability to physically focus all day every day, I was trapped. When I removed those expectations I freed myself to simply do what I could do and make that enough.

So, some days, like yesterday, I get pulled away by lunchtime and I never get back. If I attach to what I didn’t do yesterday, I’d get frustrated. Or, I can decide that life happens, I achieved as much as I was going to, and that’s perfect. There’s nothing wrong. I’m still committed to where I want to go. My energy is still in alignment. It’s all good.

What I had to understand was that I would still get the work done, it might take me longer, but that’s okay. The human timeline doesn’t matter. I don’t have to cut myself off energetically because the physical world isn’t cooperating as much as I would like it to. I don’t have to argue with my reality to be successful.

One post is better than nothing. 100 words written is better than no words written. Working on myself and my awareness of myself is my work. If that means that I don’t have an online presence or I don’t write anything that day, that’s okay too because it’s still moving me forward. I’m still doing “the work” and energetically I’m not out of whack either. The tether is still in place and that energetic alignment is critical. Honestly, it’s more important than the other stuff.

So, what are you focusing on and where’s your energy?

Pay attention because those are the things that will allow you to successfully create the life that you want without ever arguing with your reality.

Love to all.


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