Why I Still Use Tarot

If you’ve worked with me before you know that I’m fully intuitive. Tarot cards could be considered unnecessary. Why would I need tarot cards if I’m fully intuitive? How do they help me?

Well, let me back up a bit, to the beginning of my journey on the spiritual path. Some of you may know that I grew up Roman Catholic, teaching Sunday school and reading the readings at masses on Sunday’s. Divination is generally frowned upon in the Catholic religion, however I was never told directly not to and I had even consulted a psychic or two over the years.

When I was pregnant with my son many years ago, my mother was ashamed of me and told me I was no longer allowed to go to church with them. When I lost the baby, she then declared I could return to church and I told her no. If I wasn’t good enough to go while pregnant, I’m not good enough now. That was the end of my journey in organized religion.

I left the whole thing alone for many years. I still believed in God, but really didn’t know what to do with it all. I kind of avoided it to be honest. Religion, as I had known it, no longer made sense and I wasn’t interested in simply finding another religion.

Pain and heartbreak led me to divination first. I had been trying to get a pendulum to work for years and it never would. Finally, on this day when I was pretty much broken, the darn thing started to go in circles. I had researched pendulums before so I knew to simply figure out yes and no and then I could ask it questions. My journey began there.

As I delved into this world of divination, it didn’t take long to happen upon this concept of spirituality, “new age religion”, and tarot. When I was using the pendulum, I found I could “hear” the answers or I would get more information from this voice in my head that wasn’t my own. I was clairaudient. The pendulum was only the beginning of what I could do. What I learned through reading a bunch, was that tarot and pendulums could help me tune my clairaudience so I could hear clearly, something many people struggle with early on. If this is you, here’s my big tip, dive into tarot, oracle, runes, or some other form of divination to help you tune your own ability to hear. It will help.

I bought a deck of traditional Rider Waite Tarot cards and started reading and playing. I bought books, watched videos, read anything I could get my hands on for a bit until I felt like I had a basic understanding of how this worked. It was helping me trust the information I was hearing because the cards were essentially confirming what I already knew. This whole other world had opened up in a matter of weeks, but it was just getting started.

For those that have been around me for a while, you’ll know I started this business journey offering tarot readings. That whole psychic medium thing was a little weird to me still and I wasn’t so sure about showing up in the world as a psychic. Tarot provided a little bit of a cover as I began to get my feet under me. More importantly, it gave me the information I needed to begin my healing journey, something I desperately needed to do.

I’ve stuck with tarot over the years because it still provides clarity when I’m trying to understand my own life. I don’t need it to help others, although I’m always happy to grab a tarot deck and pull some cards for people, but I definitely find I need it for me. It provides a sort of separation and helps me keep my ego out of the way. The ego wants to hear what it wants to hear. My tarot decks are always happy to give my ego and thump when it needs it!

I’ve developed a relationship with my decks over time. I have full conversations with them often. As I get clear in my own life and make sense of the chaos I’ve experienced, I use it to help others. The foundation of my business now is to simply encourage others to keep going, to remind everyone of their own intrinsic power and access to higher knowing if they want it. I do that mostly through writing now, but private coaching is always an option for those that want a more intense experience.

To make the long story really short, I use tarot mostly for my own personal benefit. Do I need it? No, probably not. I’m “clear” enough to hear everything I could ever need to know, but, like so many, I don’t always trust what I hear for myself. It’s a work in progress but one that I enjoy immensely and work on daily.

My relationship with my cards is as important to me as any relationship I have with a human being. They have kept me sane at points I thought I would lose it, they have helped me through some difficult experiences and they’ve encouraged me to keep going when I might have otherwise quit. They also provide clarity and guidance when needed. If that sounds crazy to you, good! I wouldn’t have it any other way!

If you decide to pick up tarot, or maybe you’re already playing with cards on your own, it’s worth it to form a relationship with the cards. I know, they are only cardboard, but they have personalities all their own. They will provide a unique viewpoint on whatever is happening and be a safe place for you to work through whatever the trouble might be.

I use tarot because of the connection I have with them and the clarity they give me. It’s not for everybody and that’s okay. I’ll continue to use them for myself and offer them up every now and then as a way to connect with others who aren’t familiar with my work.

Love to all.


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