Why No Private Sessions Anymore?

I’ve done this before. You may recall me removing private sessions for a while and then putting them back. I wasn’t confident in my writing and sharing yet. I was still in the old money story that made me worry about my income all the time. I was still holding onto a lot of fear. That’s why they came back at the time, fear.

I’m not afraid anymore. I closed my Facebook group remember? There’s a very small group on Tribe right now. I’m not bothered. One by one, I’ve removed these sessions as I’ve removed the fear and worry around replacing the income. I’ll be honest, when the idea came to me again, I did immediately question how I was replacing the income. Here’s what I got.

I don’t make money in the traditional way. It’s not about what I’m offering or not offering. It doesn’t matter. It’s only about me and what I feel called to share at the moment. That’s it. When I follow that correctly, when I listen to that guidance, the money shows up anyway, people appear. The money just flows from my own ability to flow. Screw all the rules around business! This is mine and I run it my way. If that means it’s not traditional and it breaks all the rules, perfect!

When my energy is stable I am stable. It’s not about what I’m doing. I write. That’s what I do. That ability to write and share is what brings people to me. That’s how I create stability and flow via my own energy. I’ve shared many times that stability is within us, it’s not outside of us. My stability is not in my work or my PayPal account. My stability is inside me, it comes from the flow of what I share every single day.

For the first time ever I put out a book (The Emotional Truth: Grab yours on Kindle!) and it wasn’t on sale and it wasn’t free. I used to be really attached to lots of people reading my work. It was better if it was free because then I could get a lot of eyes. It was a form of self-sabotage. It sabotaged my confidence in my work. It was me giving my work away because I thought I had to for people to want to read it. It was me playing out my story of lack in a different way. But those are lies. They aren’t true and so that behavior needed to stop. This new book was the excuse to do just that.

If I’m being really transparent, private sessions, private coaching, was never part of the vision I had. I’m more of a wanna-be Wayne Dyer or Eckhart Tolle. Public speaking and writing, that’s it. That’s why I started those YouTube videos/podcasts which is just me being a talking head. It’s because speaking is the other way for me to share.

Can I help when I offer one-to-one? Of course. I was just using it wrong. I was using it as a source of income because I didn’t feel like the other stuff was enough, I didn’t trust my work. I didn’t trust myself. I didn’t trust money. Those trust issues made me need to put something out there that was accessible and could generate more income than a $3 e-book could, especially at the time. But if I’m no longer attached to that, then what am I hanging onto them for?

This is all about me putting my vision together my way and trusting that it’ll work out. You’ll know if you read my work ever, that when I get challenged to jump I’m far more likely to just do it. So, I got the challenge to jump, and here we are.

So this week is the final week to grab a 3-hour session with me for only $234 CAD. I reduced the rate by $99! Book yours now so you don’t miss out.

You may see these again. I offered tarot readings at Halloween, for example. So, they will come back randomly a few times a year, but that’s it. It will no longer be a regular offering.

If you’re interested and want to make sure you don’t miss these offerings, sign up for the wait-list. It’s free. I won’t spam this list either. It will only be to notify you when I offer any of my sessions. No, I won’t use it to offer new courses and so on, only bookable sessions! I won’t even tell you about new books. I promise. Sign up there and you’ll be the first to know before it even goes on social media!

Thank you to everybody that’s supported me along the way. I appreciate you!

Love to all.


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