Your Soul or Spirit Tribe

We all have one of these, whether we’re aware of who they are or not. Sometimes they incarnate with us into human forms and become family or friends in our human lives. Sometimes they remain in spirit form, assisting us from the astral realm. Either way, we all have a spirit or soul family that surrounds us at all times.

Our ability to be aware of them and/or interact with them, particularly in spirit form, depends highly on our comfort level with our intuition and our ability to connect to and communicate with the spirit world. In human form, we may recognize them as people that seem very familiar to us, they just understand us on a level that others don’t, we may even intuitively know that they are part of our spirit family, without being able to explain why or how we know that.

As we move along our path we begin to connect with more and more people that just get us. We learn how to weed out the ones that aren’t meant for us. We begin to understand how to manage our own energy and in doing that, we learn to control what we’re attracting and what energy we’re allowing in. The more in control of the energy you are and that you attract, the more likely you are to be surrounded by people that are part of your spirit or soul tribe.

While we’re still learning all of this, we tend to be surrounded by huge mixes of energy, not all of which is healthy. It is only through this learning process and creating energetic boundaries, that we can finally let go of the people that aren’t in alignment with us while allowing in the people that are. For some of us we never get there or it takes much of our lifetime, and for others, we learn quickly and find our soul tribes earlier in life. It doesn’t matter what the timeline is for you, the important thing is just to continue working towards it.

Spirit or soul families are part of your past life experience. They don’t always incarnate with us, but they do travel us in the astral realm all the time. These spirts are not the same as your spirit guides, they may however, be human relatives or ancestors. They may have come in as human family to you at various points along the way. You may have family members now that are part of your soul tribe. Your human family will not all be part of your soul tribe and your soul tribe will not be all human family members either. The relationships, if they form in the human realm, will show up in a way that serves you the best, that may be family, friends, or romantic partners.

It is often assumed that soul tribe relationships, when they manifest in human form, are easy or lifelong. I don’t necessarily believe that to be the case. I believe that soul tribe relationships are meant for learning and growth, therefore, the relationships can be challenging, but will always be beneficial to us in some way, regardless of how long they last. I also believe that soulmates and twin flames are part of our soul family. Again, these relationships are often very challenging, but worth it.

How do we find these people? By managing our own energy and removing unhealthy relationships from our lives so we have room for our soul tribe. The more in alignment we can be energetically the more likely we are to attract our soul tribe and to recognize them when they show up. Energetic alignment is the key to this process.

Recognizing the spirit or soul connection is an intuitive, aligned process. Personally, I see those connections as energetic cords. Those cords also show me past life connections and how long or deep the connection is. You may see them intuitively in your own way or you may still be working out how to connect with your intuition.

Simple ways to connect to the spirit realm include meditation, a pendulum (ring on a string), automatic writing, and tarot or oracle cards. Clairaudience, the ability to hear, will come with practice and time using any one of those other methods. I started with a pendulum and moved to tarot, both of which increased my ability to hear clearly. They were visual confirmations of the messages I was getting intuitively. It helped me to learn the difference between my imagination and my intuition. Take the path that works best for you and reach out to somebody that can facilitate communication for you if need be (like me, shameless plug).

Many people get messages through images, random thoughts, signs, feathers, coins, music and other objects. Often those messages are ignored or considered random by the person receiving them. Trust those messages. They are your spirit guides and often your spirit family communicating with you to let you know they are there. Don’t ignore those things, they are important. The more you pay attention to and acknowledge them, the more you will receive them. Once they know you’re listening they don’t shut up, trust me on this! 😉

It is possible to connect with and surround yourself with your spirit family. Trust your intuition, get help if you need it, but most importantly keep going. This journey is worth it!

Love to all.


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