When I get asked what my vision is, this is my answer. I want to be a writer and a speaker like Eckhart Tolle or Wayne Dyer. My goal is a new book every year with regular speaking engagements. Obviously, being picked up by a big publishing company would be an awesome and welcome addition.

This has been a journey of slowly putting the pieces together. It started as more of a “you can do it” cheerleading message, which was fine at the beginning. It turned into empowerment, which is still very much a “you can do it” message, but I focus heavily on being able to heal and release, moving past the old pain, finding ways to be okay in the present, and not spending so much time worrying about the future.

Lately, I’ve had this concept of guided intuitive healing come up. It’s essentially the process that I’ve been in, healing by listening to my intuition and not just stabbing at whatever happened to trigger me that day. Healing became more focused, less scattered, and more powerful because it was working towards an intuitive goal of getting past a specific problem in order to be able to move forward more easily.

Your higher self, your spirit guide, God, knows what the quickest way is to get from where you are to where you want to be. If we follow it for manifesting stuff, then it only makes sense to follow it for our healing journey too.

I’ve had a major shift that I’m in the process of integrating. In fact, that shift is part of the reason why the website is under construction. The process of healing is never a straight line. Even our lives, which we consider linear, are not. We come back to things, we move on to new things, we circle around, we repeat cycles. While the events may seem linear, we are actually moving in all directions, all with the same destination, to end up back where we started, as the spirits we all are.

One of the ways I help myself is by taking a ton of time for myself. I write often, either in blog, my new book, or just journaling. I’m almost always writing something to share about me and my life and the journey I’ve been on. I continue daily to work through whatever the next thing is for me. I try to use what I do in my own life to encourage others. The majority of the work that I share these days has some personal story in it.

It’s possible to have the life you want, the way you want it. It requires stepping into your own power, understanding your vision, and doing the healing work so you can get out of your own way. All of that is empowerment. All of that I try to teach through my work. All of it is important. So many people are stuck, and they don’t have to be. My goal is to help pull as many people out of the proverbial mud as I can.

Thank you for taking the time to read and explore. 

Love to all.


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The Empowered Self Tarot

Below is a PDF file explaining the renaming in my new tarot deck. Both the suits and the court cards have been renamed. 

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